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8/23/2020 c11 Guest
Poor robin...
1/5/2016 c11 Guest
This was really good:) well...not for Robin- but for climatic impact, it definitely is! I enjoyed your character development and planning, can't wait to see more!
10/16/2014 c11 Renox27
Slade u sly fox! Poor Robin, maybe Batman or any other immortal hero could help him
10/15/2014 c3 Renox27
Oh boy what did slade inject Robin with?! Is it nanobots ?
5/9/2013 c10 Halfangeltje
Please update this story!:o
12/27/2012 c11 Halfangeltje
Love it!
9/30/2012 c10 Guest
wrong spelling in:almost two slow
supposed to be:almost TOO slow
9/30/2012 c11 Guest
awesome! XD please make it longer and more awesomer .oh and faster releases please..
5/16/2012 c11 LoneWolfe
This story is amazing so please either update or put it up for adoption so some one else can write it
1/18/2012 c11 3The Robin Girl
y u stop such a good story please finish it
3/13/2011 c11 1FatesFavorite
I love your story :D PLEASE UPDATE
3/1/2010 c11 5The Flying Taco
I love this story, keep writing!
1/25/2010 c11 Randomnesses's
11/5/2009 c11 Angel of Death and Darkness
Poor Robin!

But I LOVE how evil villians THINK!

I'll be waiting to see what happens next!
8/24/2009 c11 2Bane WolfBlood
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