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for A Charmed Prom

6/18/2018 c9 6dramatv
Nice story! and I really like ur mentioned ab Mutton hahahaha just awesome
7/27/2015 c9 1wanderlust.xo
Great job with this story! There were some things I didn't like though. Molly, I feel, was a bit of a Mary Sue. Throughout the entire story there are a bunch of obvious reason why she would like Chris as much as she did; he's nice to her, funny, etc., but Molly's personality was a bit lacking? I know part of the reason is that she's supposed to be shy and super self conscious, but I feel like maybe Chris felt a little too strongly for her a little too soon? Another thing was that pretty much every time Chris tries to make her feel better, he'sdoing it by putting someone else down? I don't know if I can explain it well, but he says things like she more beautiful than Wyatt's date because his date had ordered a salad? Or the people in their school for having work done on their body. But what I did like about your story was that you had a lot of funny dialogue. I laughed a lot and enjoyed this story so much. I also like how you didn't make Molly need to lose weight for Chris to like her or something, I like how innocent their relationship was. The angst when Chris was kidnapped was well written. I love the fact that Molly tagged along to help. It really added to the whole whitelighter destiny thing. So again Great job! :)
9/17/2013 c9 78Ebenbild
Hi Zeria,

I saw your story today and I was very impressed. I love how you show Chris and Wyatts lifes in the better future. I think it's funny that neurotic Chris is tricked by his brother to help Molly and ends up falling in love for the first time.
The part I loved most was when Molly was waiting for Chris and her mom tried to tell her that he might not come. And then the doorbell rings, Molly opens and there is a "gorgeous looking guy". And the mother goes "oh..." Maybe my imagination is to great but everytime I read this part of the story (I had to reread it trice xD) I could not stop laughting.
Thanks for writing this awsome story.

8/10/2013 c9 1ForeverRainingFire
Awwwww, such a cute story! I absolutely adore this one! I really liked all of your characters and I thought your writing was fantastic. This was brilliant!
2/13/2013 c9 43SableUnstable
Very cool. Off to read the sequel now.
6/27/2011 c9 15Ryn of Magic
Totally and utterly awe inspiring. You know, if you don't use the Charmed charecter, you could turn this story into a real book?
1/15/2011 c9 14Stina Whatever
a nice cute story
12/22/2010 c9 3RetickLover
lol! i just love this story, could not help smiling through out the whole thing. i reread new beginnings before reading this, and when Sam was mentioned in this fic durin the dinner part...it finally clicked in my head that she's the chick wyatt slept with
5/7/2010 c9 2Dream's Abyss
Good story. I'm glad you were able to include your own OC without making her a Mary Sue.
6/18/2009 c9 7Juicytubegirl
Omg this was probably one of the sweetest story ever

Chris has always been my favorite male chracter in Charmed but now hes just so cute and sweet

Loved it 3
6/15/2009 c9 31QueenoftheSlayers
I loved this story... very cute!
2/7/2009 c8 9xXSilentloverXx
loving it!
2/7/2009 c6 xXSilentloverXx
OMG i had a dream that i as reading this lastnight..



still loving it
2/7/2009 c5 xXSilentloverXx
omg i am almost in tears..

that was so sweet in a violent kinda way..

but none the less sweet!

good job!
2/7/2009 c3 xXSilentloverXx

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