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for Great Balls of Kido

2/19/2008 c1 Devatron2000
It was very sweet and cute it was great.


8/26/2007 c1 raina135
we! nice nice nice one:)
8/25/2007 c1 16Conterra-san
-squeak- -squeak-

that was so cute! I love the poetry book idea! c

why not just enter teh competition? you wrote it, so it doesn't matter. Nee-san will prolly add you to the C2 for it anyway, at least I think she has a C2. . .

good job! Bit confusing, but v. v. cute!

8/25/2007 c1 24Maelynne Naveen
Aw, very cute ^_^ And Nanao saying the quote was freaking hilarious! Nicely done!
8/25/2007 c1 2darkangel1910
This was sweet. You should enter it in the contest.

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