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for Naruto: Showdown on Snake Mountain

6/28/2010 c6 1Jarjaxle
4/30/2010 c6 Kyuubiperry
Can u please finish this story
7/13/2009 c6 4UndeadTech-TS
cool, i really like this story so far, i like naruto/tayuya paring's, please update soon, peace out friend.
4/30/2008 c6 4Pandora's Crate
Well, they seem to be accepting each other rather quickly, considering they were mortal enemies the last time they met. It's a good, well-written story though. Great work.
1/26/2008 c6 Lawless-one
woot i like the idea update soon.
1/10/2008 c6 1Ryu Vision

so when the next update man... lolo\

12/21/2007 c6 1Black Volcarona
11/13/2007 c2 Cadlinc
i like how u have them talking at the end like a tv show. i didnt realize wat u were doing in the first chap but i see now.
11/4/2007 c6 2fayt098
these chapters are awesome. hope you keep it up
10/29/2007 c6 Grumblemon235
I cannot wait to read more please update as soon as possible.
10/27/2007 c6 Irishfighter
cool chapter
10/26/2007 c6 ApexPredator
Great chapter!
10/26/2007 c5 Kamikaze Hakkeshu
Hmm, I have to say that this is a nice concept. Love the episode style with the anime-like previews. Good to find a dic with the Shin Sound 5(or 6 if you count Ukon) alive. You keep them in character too. This is the reason why I loathe Kishimoto now. He kills of the great characters (like the Shin Sound 5 or Sasori and Deidara; luckilly they faking death can have an easy and still believable explanation if played out right), and doesn't give enough screen time for the alive fun characters (the reason why the omake in Shippuden 32 made me laugh to tears). SO can't wait for the first battle. Kudos to you and hope you'll update soon.
10/26/2007 c5 Irishfighter
awesome chapter
10/25/2007 c5 ApexPredator
Great chapter, looking forward to the next one.
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