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for You Can't Have Two Girlfriends

4/5/2009 c1 29Boris Yeltsin
Nice story you got here.
5/18/2008 c7 4RawR-MeansILoveYouInDinosaur
aw that was so sweet of newt and poor jessica and stickler such a spy guy wierdo funny ah update soon
3/14/2008 c7 SillyMisfit
I love that story.
11/18/2007 c7 10MidnightKeys
love it! i love lillyxnewt! they're a great pair!
9/14/2007 c7 25optimistic girl94
Already over? Aw...loved it! Sweet ending...I still feel bad for Jessica though. Loved this line...“But-but-how-why-what-how did you-huh?” Lilly was so happy she could barely speak. I saw what you did there. Clever they were talking about Lucas who was int he episode My Best Friend's boyfriend...you did a line straight out of that episode. Bravo! One thing..actually two. I thought appalled means disgusted with so I was like what? And this line seemed a little interesting to me...Lily was saying some odd things...

“Yeah, it really did,” Lilly admitted. “I’ve never felt so attracted to any of my boyfriends like this before. I guess it’s because you’re nice and cute, not just cute. Maybe this could work out after all!” Newt nodded in agreement.

I guess the part that was weird for me was...I guess this could work out after all...but again loved the ending is was great...and the bit with Stickler is this them liking each other...or her just being Meena? Anyway great stuff I love reading your stories they are always so good=D
9/14/2007 c6 optimistic girl94
Whoa! What's on his desk? I loved this...poor Jessica. I thought it was weird how they set him up. Are you supposed to interfere with a relationship? But whatev=D Loved it. I jsut have one question...what's the meaning of this joke.

“Alright, so there’s this guy named Al, right? He was lying on his death bead, and his best friend was standing next to him. So Al said, ‘Before I die, promise me one thing. Promise me they’ll have a city named after me.’ And his friend said, ‘Okay, Al.’ And Al asked, ‘Will it be pretty?’ His friend said, ‘Absolutely, Al.’ And Al asked, ‘Will lots of people come to it?’ His friend said, ‘You can count on it, Al!’ By then Al was very weak, and he knew that his next words would be his last, so he said, ‘And you promise it will be named after me?’ His friend replied, ‘You betcha, Mr. Buquerque.’” Lilly laughed out of pity.

Does it mean the person got the friend's name wrong or something?

But anwyway great chapter!
9/10/2007 c5 optimistic girl94
Aww...Newt and Jessica. Such a bitter sweet scene. Well written=D

Uh...I would never tell a girl her boyfriend didn't like her. But I guess that is just me. This is a real great chapter. Perfect discription and dialogue. It's very realistic and believable beyond the realm that is fanfiction(Make believe). Great job and keep it up!
9/9/2007 c4 optimistic girl94
Perfect. I like the paragraph to dialogue ratio. Not too much or too less of each. You are an amazing writer. And even though NEwt isn't in character you make it work=D Meena and Lily are friends. Good. That's the way it should be=D Well I'll read some more tomorrow. On to read your other fic! Which I know is going to be good=D
9/9/2007 c7 livexlaughxlovex13

is there more?


love it!
9/8/2007 c3 optimistic girl94
What's wrong with making new friends Miley? Man...this reminds of an episdoe of That's so Raven where Chelsea's friend from camp came to visit and Raven was all jealous...you know what I mean? Poor Meena. I feel so bad for her there she is trying to make friends and Miley is trying to prevent that. One question. Where's Cory?

Great chapter. This is good stuff.
9/8/2007 c2 optimistic girl94
No love the long chapter and people are kind of out of character. Hm I think you've got Lily down...but Newt isn't as Newt...I mean...Newt is way to deep in this story. I'm not saying his character isn't, but in the show he doesn't seem to have that deep of you know thoughts. But that is how I felt about him. Great chapter though. Perfect discription and dialogue! Love it a lot!
9/8/2007 c1 optimistic girl94
I take it back! I LOVE CROSSOVERS! Okay so before I said no...but now I see the possibilities...you know? I really do=D Newt Pov was long...longer then you woudl expect from Newt...hehe he thinks Lily is no smarter then him. ( True=D) Haha. Is Stickler in this? He should totally be in it!
9/8/2007 c7 4iloveugly
ha! i love it u should rite a sequel!
9/8/2007 c7 20daisy617
hooray for the happy ending.
9/8/2007 c7 2singingintherain9328
Please update!
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