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for Rosa Chinensis' Scandal

5/1/2017 c3 noeliaf87
Espero con ansias la continuación
6/28/2015 c3 Guest
My god! Please update this! At least tell us whether Yumi is really pregnant or not.
3/23/2012 c3 4imagine-tht
Update if you can please i really would like to know the ending :)
8/30/2010 c3 Misuzu
Hey hope you update the story! I really want to know whats happening with Yumi D:!
10/10/2008 c3 bettyful
hey...when are you gonna finish the story?

i want to know what really happen...is yumi pregnant or just sick...you elaborate nothing.
9/25/2008 c3 Gia
This is a funny story. The way people make assumptions. From what I see, looks like Yumi was suffering that day, Sachiko invited her to stay over at her house. I can guess appendicitis or stomach flu. Just a guess, common symptoms though, I just can't put together the lemon juice part. Though there may be a different circumstances, but other symptoms fit well to those illness I mentioned. hehe To jump on a conclusion having a baby... I like that idea too! I'm pro Yumi x Sachiko pairing. Only if they can be together forever.

[“There's no error in it, headmaster. I was next to Yumi watching the process. If you want to, you may call the hospital.”] - It seems Yumi went through a procedure. A surgery maybe. Then all of Sachiko's actions will fit in the process, over protective onee-sama, and yumi, probably feeling helpless with Sachiko hovering her protectively. LOL

Story is a very good one. Pls Update soon. I wanna know the real ending.
1/12/2008 c3 Baccan
Just one more chapter.. but when? Thank You for taking the time to translate a story like this, I understand it's quite the endevour especially since Your in college.. I certainly wouldn't care enough about letting other people read a good story to go through all that trouble! Xp
10/4/2007 c3 Elegant time walker
well interesting but why are the teachers afrad of the medical report befor they see it
9/27/2007 c2 4Yumi Himemiya
So she is pregnant? I hope it's Sachiko's.. haha jk. Update plz
9/23/2007 c2 5Arakan
That's really funny!

If indeed yumi is pregnant, i wonder who's the culprit?.

And the way Sachiko protecting Yumi, is that over-protective or a bit obsessive?

Can't wait for another one!
9/21/2007 c2 kei
maybe Yumi is just sick or something .. like food poisoning , and it's Sachikos fault cuz she is the one who gave Yumi the food or she is the one who cooked it .. that's why Yumi felt sick when she saw the food or tea - I don't really remember - and that's why shachiko is feeling so guilty
9/20/2007 c2 Elegant time walker
awesome really good
9/16/2007 c1 1chill19
is it just me or is it really hard to understand? can't quite grasp what the story is about...chapter 2?
8/29/2007 c1 Chikaru
please up date this one un like the other ones you only did one chapter on
8/28/2007 c1 zz
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