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8/22/2001 c1 alnyalnyalny
This one is actually really good. I use to hate romances between two pokémon (come on, it's disgusting... two different animals... eww) but this on was well written and quite funny. I like it a lot! Do continue! Please! ;)
8/22/2001 c1 32Delicious Mud Pie
THEY CAN GET TOGETHER! I just looked it up on pokemoninfodex! Pikachu and Arbok can mate! But since she's the girl the babies would be little arboks. ^_^ Hahahaha. Aside from the AAML insinuations (j/k) I really really liked this! It was cool! I would read and review for certain if you continued it! What a cool pairing! And I usually don't like pokemon romances all that much, but this was just well executed and really interesting and an entertaining read. Great job! Later

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