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for The Covenant: Friends by Chance?

12/17/2010 c13 6Loverofgoodstories27
good story! you story actually brought a thought to me! I have a few great friend, and this story brought to my head, what if they weren't my friends, or what if they weren't even there. I know that I would be depressed! Thanks for the awesome story! about to read your others soon!
9/16/2008 c13 TWD
more mroe more more more more
12/9/2007 c13 Brilliance of the Moon
11/26/2007 c1 BEEcausexoxo
OMG i love the story. can't wait 2 read the sequal. keep writing. thx


p.s. love the stone idea, and how they were never going 2 b friends. but 1 question. how did tyler get back 2 his home? thx... again.

10/11/2007 c13 4blazingfire03
aw a happy eneding i love those, but it seems that you left rrom for more. is there going to be a sequel to this because you really should have one. tyler has got to ascend and be with the big boys know and we got to know what happens to chase and what he has got planned. also will tyler ever tell the others about what there future could've been? please please please have a sequel to this one, this was a very good fic and i also noticed your first one so well done so now you get many smilies!



10/11/2007 c11 blazingfire03
wo go tyler he is so going to kick chase's butt, well at least i hope so. i am glad that at least him and little caleb were friends, enough though poor caleb would of been abused. what is going to happen know and how will tyler act around the guys now that he knows what he knows. i am thinking that you really need to get chapter 12 up like tonight, what happened to your double updates!

update soon:)
10/11/2007 c11 SportLover92
Great chapter can't wait for the next one!
10/6/2007 c10 blazingfire03
so they know that he is gone and rose is feeling all guilty now about her and tylers convo. will they ever figure out that chase is back? hope to see chappie 11 soon!

update soon:)
10/6/2007 c9 blazingfire03
oh so they wouldnt be friends without there powers. i just cracked up on this part " It was little punk Pogue himself" i dont know why that just got a laugh out of me. anyway i wonder what caleb is going to be like and what the others are going to think when they get tyler's letters. also go tyler for fighting aaron like that, i just love when he get a chance to fight him, it makes him seem like a tough guy and just makes me love him even more.

update soon:)
10/6/2007 c9 Dan
that was sad though so without the power they just kick to the curve
9/20/2007 c4 blazingfire03
that is a-ok that you had such a long delay, this long and wonderful chapter made up for it. evil chase hurting baby boy like that and tyler and taylor are so cute together. ha they are going to be couple TT in my book for this story. i am sorry about your uncle and yes school is a pain.

update soon:)
9/8/2007 c3 blazingfire03
poor tyler i just wanna go and give him a hug. i really liked this chapter it was nice and long. the beginning was funny with caleb bugging tyler on how he got a girl and then the end had angst with tyler and then i really liked how reid rushed right out and cared about what happened to him. they have a strog bond those boys and i am going to take a guess and say that chase is back. dun dun dun! i gotta know what is wrong with tyler.

update soon:)
9/5/2007 c2 SportLover92
AW what a cute chapter, Ty finally does get the girl. Reid better not try and screw this up for him. I am curious as to where you are going to be taking this fic. It's ok if you can't update as often just please don't forget about this fic.
9/4/2007 c1 4jaxsmommy23

Not bad for a first story! =]
8/31/2007 c1 4blazingfire03
hm seems very interesting, and its a tyler story so i like it! is tyler just feeling aseceation (cant spell) jitters or is chase really back, dun dun dun.

update soon:)

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