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8/7/2008 c12 cfcbye
Very good! ^-^

Keep going!
2/15/2008 c10 The Phantom's Scholar
I enjoyed reading it. Good plot/character development. Wwe would glad to have you on the van Helsing RPG forum!
9/26/2007 c10 cfcbye
Very good! I liked the ending it was intresting! What was she dreaming about? I hope you make a new chapter soon!
9/22/2007 c9 7marakparker
Much better...

1. try to slow it down just a little.

2. Nice with the longer chapters- it's a lot better.

3. I don't understand the question marks at the end of random dialogue.

4. Love your character development.

5. You have very detailed descriptions...I like it. However, try not to explain everything she wears to every description. It does form a nice picture- just spread it out!

6. You're getting better suspense at the end of chapters- always good.

7. I don't feel like Scarlet is a very well developed character- I want to know more about her personality.

7. Great job- nice story. I've been very open in this reveiw- and honest. Don't take it offensively- I hope you take my suggestions so that you become an even better writer!

9/22/2007 c9 1MyArtIsInWords
I'm confused at some parts, but all in all a decent FF

The writing is a bit fast paced. Slow it down?

More detail to the story, and not to rock and roll themed items please XD

I'll keep reading, if you keep writing :P -MAIIW
9/21/2007 c9 cfcbye
It's getting good! Keep going! :)
9/20/2007 c9 Faery Starrr
I swear Paramore what is with you and your cliff hangers? lol I friggin love them lol! I loved the chapter really cute!
9/18/2007 c8 Faery Starrr
oh godd Paramore i love it! godd hurry and write chapter nine i freaking love the story awe freaking some!

- Z
9/18/2007 c3 Faery Starrr
umm a couple of spelling errors but good
9/14/2007 c8 T-NM-E-BD
nice...very mysterious...like how u made jacob be his character...like with long hair i mean...playing the part...hurry up and write next chapter...i too want to know about that necklace
9/13/2007 c8 cfcbye
Can't wait for next chapter! Jake keeps kissing Adrien! I can't wait for the next chapter! Hope you make a new chapter soon I want to know what Scarlet has to say about her neckless! :)
9/13/2007 c7 6CrazyObbsesiveBoredOublec42Luv
Oh NO!...*tear* poor...omg what's her name...girl you made up...AND JAKE'S NOT WITH BELLS...Blasphimey!...JK...Really good though^_^
9/9/2007 c7 cfcbye
aw Adriens sad -.- but its still good! and your chapters are getting longer! Please update soon I cant wait to keep reading it!
9/9/2007 c7 T-NM-E-BD
nice and long...i liked u adding the necklace on scarlet so u could continue with the mystery of mika, but still ave the romance and jealousy of jacob and adrian...i think u should have let us get to know scarlet a little more, but u made up for it by adding that necklace thing...overall...nice, keep it comin
9/7/2007 c6 cfcbye
Not bad! Thanks for using my names! I hope you put a new chapter up soon can't wait to read it!
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