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4/11/2008 c9 1Jistin-of-Destiny
GAH X_x you actually /posted/ this? I'll get you for this, I didn't know you'd actually /post/ it! Neh, at least it's an update in this. *shrugs* And I'll post mine when Onee posts her's damnit! - Mae's story is part two of hers, so I have to wait till she gets her's up. Or else mine will have big gaps where people don't know what's what soHA! XP
10/7/2007 c7 9StarDazedSky
That was really funny. :P
9/3/2007 c3 101Elli
o.o that was hot. Awesome update, hun! :]

About the ideas... how about if they met when they were still little kiddies? That'd be a cute encounter. :D
9/2/2007 c2 1Elli
This is adorable. And I just noticed that Ashita was your OC. Ah. Now I know. :]
9/2/2007 c1 1Elli
I don't know who Ashita is but this is sweet. Sasuke was a bit out-of-character with his, "I love you" revelation but still, it's sweet.

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