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8/23/2008 c16 57ravengal

(sings) Sometimes she's hot, sometimes I'm cold, sometimes my head wants to explode, but, when I think about it... I'm so in love with her... every other time!

Chapter 16: Wow. Cool duel... although, now, it's getting kind of obvious that Timmy's going to win every single duel. XD Lol. He's, like, a super duellist or something.

Anyway, I liked this line: "Now... what were you saying?" LOL! It just sounded so smug. XD

Ooh! Are you saying that there's twelve of these zodiac duellists in all? And they'll each possess a card with an animal of the zodiac? How cool! I can't wait to see the tiger duellist (coz I love tigers) and the dragon duellist (coz I AM a dragon) in action! ^^

ravengal out x
8/23/2008 c15 ravengal

(sings) Sometimes it's black, sometimes it's white, sometimes she's wrong, sometimes I'm right, sometimes we talk about it or we figure it out... but then she'd just change her mind.

Sorry I didn't read this a long time ago. I've only just decided I'm up to reading it.

Chapter 15: Interesting duel going on here. Can't say much else than that. Who's going to be victorious? Well, if it's Bernand, then Timmy's a dead man. XD Lol. You know, I'd forgotten why Timmy was duelling the guy, so thanks for reminding me at the end there. He wants answers!

ravengal out x
6/4/2008 c16 9sonicissocool112
This story is awsome. Coninue on this story, please.
3/5/2008 c16 slpytlak
Dang! Who would'v thought that Timmy made a new card that crushed Bernard! I can't wait fo the next chapter.
2/29/2008 c16 Jake
Great! Suspense! But what about Trixie?
2/28/2008 c16 Fortune Glyph
I got my winter clothes ready! Can't wait! Update soon!
2/28/2008 c16 66ChaosMagemon
This is getting way good, I can't wait till next time
2/18/2008 c15 Fortune Glyph
I'm on the edge of...

'falls off chair'

Ow! I'm okay! Ok, ALREADY on the edge of my seat. Very suspenseful! Update soon!
2/17/2008 c15 slpytlak
Dang, I don't know what Benard means about ofeffering Timmy to the lord and master. Update soon!
2/17/2008 c15 5Luffy L Deathwalker
Personally Jose i think you may need to cut to the chase sooner or later and are there going to be any chapters in this story that have timmy taking on duelists who have either a destiny hero or neo spacian deck sooner or later?
2/17/2008 c15 66ChaosMagemon
Wow this is new, I have a new thought, how bout Timmy goes up against a duelist who controls the Wicked Monsters, Wicked Dreadroot, Wicked Eradicator, and Wicked Avatar, there suppose to be evil versions of the God Cards
2/14/2008 c14 57ravengal
Okay, well, since you'll be pdating this thing soon, I fugured I might as well get this chapter read and out of the way. *clears throat*

Chapter 14 (and yes, I shall be reviewing as I read again):

Aww, poor Timmy. He ain't himself.

Wanda? A he? XD Er, no.

Haha. XD Loved that line. 'Cosmo said as he was in his usual hyperactive mood… maybe it was because he had Rice Krispies with sugar again.' XD

A mysterious meteorite... Hmm...

Ne? What cartoon is Timmy watching? o.o I must know!

Wow. Such drama with the lightning bolt and strange figure. Me like.

'Sawing'? Lol. You mean 'seeing'.

o.o Meteorites heading for different sections of Planet Earth? Ooh. What's going on?

Nyah ha ha. XD Timmy was so polite on the phone. How unnatural. "Uh, hello, this is the Turner residence. How may I be of assistance?" XD He sounds like a voice machine in a telemarketing company.

Neh? Tad knows Timmy's home phone number? o.o Stalker!

Yay! The 'Tootie's Birthday Party' New Year's Eve party's come swinging round again! Lol.

'Had became'? Nuh uh. 'Had become' you mean.

'look of us'? Nuh uh. 'look on us' would be better.

Ooh. Outer space beings hiding amongst humans. *stares at screen* Cool...

Haha. XD I had to chuckle at this quote: "Timmy... I don’t want to offend but you do know that this is a party and you should mind your table manners." Lol.

Nani? He feels like he went through an ice cream factory? What do you mean by that?

'She had went'? Nuh uh. 'She went'.

Ne? 'wasn't as hasty as he usually would'? Nuh uh. 'wasn't as hasty as he usually was'.

'leaving on the emotion of suspense filled the room'? Nuh uh. 'leaving only the emotion of suspense filling the room'.

Ohh. An Aries stone... and it's red. I love red. ^^

'I don''t know how you get this'? Nuh uh. 'I don't know how you got this'.

Eep. He wants his soul. o.o

'So, will you give up your soul to our master or no'? Nuh uh. 'So, will you give your soul to our master or not' would be better.

Gack! Timmy! "If you win, you can have my soul"? Is he insane?

'rare card'? Hmm. I think 'rarest card' would be better.

Nani? The music went silent AGAIN? How can it be turned off if it already IS turned off? XD

Whoo, sorry. XD I went majorly overboard with this review. It's so long. o.o

Well, I really need to grab and coffee and get on with my coursework now, but I hope you like this whacking great review... and I'm sorry if any, um, corrections offend you. I'm not trying to, really I'm not. I'm just trying to, um, be a helpful reviewer. ^^ English ain't your first language, so I'm hoping to help you out a bit. Lol.

ravengal out x
2/6/2008 c13 ravengal
Kay, I'm buckling down and reviewing this chapter now.

Chapter 13 - Okay, first off, before I go ANY further... 'Trxie/Yami's lifepoints: 1'? Only 1 lifepoint? I think you've made a mistake there. XD Lol. Unless they really are hanging on by a thread, which I seriously doubt.

Okay, moving on...

Atem had legs? XD Well... duh. Of course he had legs. He wouldn't be able to stand up otherwise.

Oh noes! Trixie! What has Marik done to her? T-T

Wow. Timmy's really angry... and that "I won't forgive you" bit reminded me of Tokyo Mew Mew. Ichigo said it a lot too.

Oh, whoa. Timmy has a seriously powerful bit of Egyptian blood in him. I really wasn't expecting that.

Oh... the 'lifepoints: 1' WASN'T a mistake o_o coz Timmy's now got it too now.

'Pessimistic'? That doesn't quite fit the context. It's the opposite of optimistic. Why would Timmy be pessimistic if he had the advantage? Lol.

W-o-w. So... many... attack points... o_O

Present self? So... what? Timmy's the reincarnated form of this ancient Egyptian prince? ... Cool... *stares at screen in awe*

Yay. Finally. Someone's attacking after all this time. XD

Yah! Cool! XD He stabbed him!

Well. ^^ That duel was really cool. It was a pleasure reading that during my college break. You can be sure that I'll get round to R R ing the next chapter soon too.

ravengal out x
2/1/2008 c12 ravengal
Gomenasai. I forgot to say "Chapter 11" last review.

Chapter 12: Whoa-hoa-hoa. Intense battle going on there... and Pharaoh's joined the fight?

The fact that I was listening to a combo of Simple Plan songs and tunes from Naruto at the same time as reading increased the entertainment. I'm actually really interested in what's gonna happen now. ^^ I'll bet you're pleased.

ravengal out x
2/1/2008 c11 ravengal

Gomenasai. I'm really really behind on this fic.

Wow. Well, there was me thinking that I wasn't actually very interested, so my attention span kept wandering XD but, once I actually buckled down and read it I thought "... Cool."

I'll definitely be much faster with the next three reviews, coz I wanna read what happens next. :) I'm just sorry that I'm so obsessed with Tokyo Mew Mew now. XD It takes up a lot of my time these days.

ravengal out x
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