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12/27/2009 c10 15MissAnderson92
Update! x
1/16/2009 c10 Sophia923

Interesting... XD But great story! Will you continue it? Please! I'd like to read more! :P

10/3/2008 c1 6Hazmatt
Wow! Intense story! I really enjoyed it!
4/22/2008 c10 5SciFiNutAlways1999
Is there anymore chapters of this story? I was starting to get into it.
2/17/2008 c10 19Alexandretta
Hi ! I just want to let you know that I like your fic very much and I can't wait to know how Mac and Stella are going to end up together. Keep on writing. (by the way you're right when you say in chapter 8: Beautiful place France... I'm french ;-) )
12/10/2007 c9 4cryingblacktears
wo! Stella&Mac forever! This chapter rocked...glad you update quick!
12/9/2007 c9 ComputerRejected
UPDATE! This is the best story!
12/9/2007 c9 35Mel1592
nice...post more soon! She should stop being scared and just go for it!
12/9/2007 c9 a-smaced-datana
Hey, great story. Do you got birthday 22.dec? So do I.
12/3/2007 c8 4cryingblacktears
Loving this story...keep it up!
11/27/2007 c8 5SciFiNutAlways1999
Wonderful Story. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading it.
11/14/2007 c8 FallenDownAHole
sounds good! im adding a t/d bit in my first story (which im writin right now). its csi (eric/calleigh, danny/lindsey, greg/sarah).

smacked is awsome!
11/12/2007 c1 2love-awakening
I really like this story. Great job! :)
11/12/2007 c8 ComputerRejected
:PP He! nice touch! And I love horses too.
11/12/2007 c8 5nattybatty55
more soon :D
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