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for Prince of the Dark Kingdom

12/4 c37 NCC1701D USS Enterprise
pls tell us he stops sulking and grows a backbone... otherwise I'm Loving this fic as it's my first Voldie- Harry (not slash thank Toutatis)
11/29 c100 5peterco
Quite funny how Harry endangers Stephens life in an attempt to protect the man in Chester 100. Stupid, but perfectly in character. Their whole history together is funny that way. Quite a bit of depth in this story
11/28 c86 peterco
Sightly nitpicky because most of this is really good:
In chapter 86 Harry says "And Harry believed him, which was why he couldn't let him chase after him." Just before trying to 'escape' by threatening his captor.
If he really wanted to avoid a chase, he had to disappear or kill. Trying to kill isn't in character, which doesn't leave you with many options to make this better.
11/21 c38 peterco
Regarding the 'paganism' in chapter 38:
It is slightly offensive to use the name and esthetics of Christianity for something that is not Christianity, as you do.
But as a Christian I can't get mad about a fantasy story including gods that are genuine, powerful and dangerous.
11/7 c148 2HeartOfEmerald9
I have just read this incredible story for a second time and think I love it even more than I did the first time, simply beautiful. Absolutely gutted it has not been continued (especially at such a cliffhanger!), I would love to hear if I should keep my hopes up or not. Best wishes
10/31 c2 bothatbest
Ah so they're doing what the Nazis were doing ok
10/30 c148 veerle1007
You say you finish this story or you were going to continue it, why haven't there been updates then?

Or do i need to look somewhere else?
10/18 c148 Drosselmeyer
Please come back
10/11 c137 karimtharwat98
uhh you mention here that the dragon sanctuary is funded by government tax "dollars". I assure you this story is otherwise splendid but when did Wizarding Britain undergo dollarization?
9/8 c148 13Pandamega
Such a good fic, i hope you’ll come back to it some day!
8/16 c89 5multifandom-fanfic-writer
such a BRILLIANT chapter and reunion... and so funny! those banter lines are just HILLERIOUS
8/16 c85 multifandom-fanfic-writer
knowing that harry is carrigans reincarnation makes this chapter hit so different! and dumbledore casually mentions carrigans death but i wonder what exactly happened there... i also love how you wrote Dumbledore as having learned from his mistakes (aka Lotsa secret keeping) and now freely shares info that makes so much sense!

<<<333 god amazing story
8/11 c11 multifandom-fanfic-writer
its re read time <<<33 i can only leave one comment per chapter so i prob wont leave as much comments this time so i can leave more comments at later pointsalso i just love the bella/snape rivalry... such juicy tension!
8/2 c3 thecloudgazingfreak
i love harry already
6/9 c148 Apollo117mc
man this should have been a book lol. One of the best fanfics I have ever read hands down. Seriously so good man I only wish you had finished it but otherwise one of the best fricking fanficks here man :))
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