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2/23 c119 drainednerves
I sincerely hope you're not implying Tonks and Viktor are married, considering he tried to get into Hermione's pants ,':I
2/23 c117 drainednerves
I don't get why she won't just get emancipated
2/22 c115 drainednerves
The spell made her t pose?! I can't believe the spell made her t pose. The sword thing is really cool though
2/22 c148 Zygos

Great to see you back, it has been a bit of a Hiatus, but this is still a great story.

2/21 c109 drainednerves
Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the sexism in this story
2/21 c108 drainednerves
Thank fucking god. If McGunny goes, I go. We're a double pack now<3
2/21 c148 Sam est classe
You're rewriting the story in a non Harry Potter world ? Interesting.
2/19 c105 drainednerves
Dude this story has a serious problem with sexism
2/19 c104 drainednerves
Katarina sayed "Tom" in her thoughts, when really she should've been thinking "Horace"
2/14 c148 2SPJaymo117
First of all, welcome back!

This was my third read through of your work and as always remain incredibly impressed with the sprawling plots, characters, and world building. Not to mention the excellent dialogue, believable character development, and epic action scenes!

My only criticism is that some of the story reads strangely. Particularity in second and fourth year. The plot seams to get caught in a few ruts and certain developments just don’t make sense in the broader context of events and character behaviours. Eg the dragon sequence of events in the twi-wizard tournament. A small complaint in the body of work though.

The only constructive feedback I have is don’t force something into the story if it doesn’t read as consistent with the character and their decision making. Again this is a very small complaint about one of the greatest fics I have the privilege of reading. Looking forward to see where you take the series.
2/11 c116 Guest
love the two little bits of humour in this chapter
2/11 c115 Guest
i am devouring this story as fast as i can and keep on missing the review buttom because i always try to get to the next chapter as fast as possible :x i am unbelievably sad that i am more than two thirds through - means its ending and the journey was so, so fantastic. much love and luck and health to you and yours.
2/10 c54 11marvynthephoenix
nONOnnonono what about sirius & remus nonono also lunarry plsseeee
2/10 c92 Guest
SO EXCITING. I really like that you don't make it too easy for Harry- he does get through tough situations but not unscathed and not through sudden superpowers. it's believable and that's the best part of it all. The sense of realism in a fantasy world. Which is so terribly hard to do, to have limits in a world without limits. Thank you for writing!
2/10 c76 Guest
(continuation of early review because I accidentally pressed submit without thanking you!)

Well, thank you for writing this and sharing it with the world. I feel humbled to read this amazing, mammoth work that has so much thought put into it. All the best and wishing you a great 2021.
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