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2/20/2011 c1 14twilightserius
this is awesome read more later hope he finds a good one
8/16/2010 c4 Ez21
I have read both versions of this story and while the other one may flow beter I think that this origional one is better its truer to the fantasy style of both Harry Potter and Mercedes lackey's Valdemar than the rewrite which is far more science fiction
10/29/2008 c4 1Egyptian Neko Thief
I really love this story. I've never seen one like it, and so that gives it points already. I hope that you continue to develop your OMC because, quite frankly, I can never find many good ones. Please update as soon as you can!
8/16/2008 c3 animelava
omg ur not gonna update anymore? but its such a good story! though maybe u can have it for adoption so that someone (not me) can try to finish it if they wanted to?
8/16/2008 c4 AnnaGu
wa-wa-wait are you going to stop this story or just re-write it?
7/4/2008 c3 5Azinine
You should really, really, REALLY update this! Please~! ;_;
6/9/2008 c3 1Jackanapes

I was afraid that Vanyel was to be his mate at first, and so am glad that he isn't. Thanks for writing this and update soon!

5/22/2008 c3 Saturnblue
It will be interesting to see how the old world is developing after all the time passed. Is Severus Snape still alive? I like it so far it's pretty good overall since it keep the events real enough to not making it boring.
5/15/2008 c3 mrsfwolf
Interesting take on harry potter and vanyel. I like it. Please continue it
5/8/2008 c3 Dreamera Tear
Inconsistent chapter lengths were not very nice.. other than that pretty ok plot.
3/29/2008 c3 7Hinjintetsusou
please continue, its awsome,...but just a ittle scattered...lol, continue please! ^^
1/16/2008 c3 1lilsteves
cool story. I admit it's a little hard to follow with all the different species and stuff, and I don't think it's any easier on me since I haven't read the books (there's so many! They intimidate me!), but it's a really fascinating read. Harry's like an all-powerful God-type person. There is nothing he can't do. I hope though that since his mate has been introduced Harry gets to be a little more vulnerable. He can't be ALL-powerful in EVERYthing! Anyways, update soon!
12/26/2007 c3 Shadowolf21
I adore this story it has a great plot and many twistes hope to read more from you
11/30/2007 c3 Kaylen Cooper
I find this to be interesting! I look forward to reading more, when you continue. :)

Major God of Magic, sounds way cool. ;)
10/20/2007 c3 3falseproffitt
wow wow I love love love it please keep it up
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