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4/10/2011 c22 6xXJustSomeRandomKidXx
Yes please! Sequels are VERY welcome :)
5/24/2009 c22 irishdancin540
o i loved this so much and yes i would really love a sequel there is still so much you could do
9/30/2008 c1 munchkinim
I absolutely loved your story! It had a great twist and it wasn't exactly a happy ending so it was totally original. I wish Chris and her friends and mom remembered though! That was really sad! I wanted her to be with Chris soo badd! I hope you write a sequel!
9/2/2008 c21 14x-GlitterEyes-x
I loved the story but there's just one thing that upset me!

Why didn't she end up with anyone!

I may sound crazy lol but first i was looking forward to her getting back with Chris, then i wanted her to get with Nicholos then Chris again...

I guess in a sense she does end up with Nicholos but it's sad Chris doesn't remember her... :(

Anyway, great story! I love all your stories so far.
8/6/2008 c22 19Ellen Jacee
Okay, so you were wondering why Neptune's Girl is the most read and reviewed. I think I have answers that as a reader, I am better equipped to see.

First of all, Chris is kind of a sucky character. Honestly, he's too perfect and got over everything with Melissa - from first seeing her as an angel to wanting to date her - way too fast. All of that relationship was just way too fast. I liked the beginning chapters where he tried to capture here, and I suppose that I like better the alternate plot with the BatB spin off. But that's not this story, so I'll shut up about that. It's just that Neptune is way cooler than Chris. I was ready to quit this story half way through when it looked like nothing was happening, etc. Chris just wasn't compelling, and there weren't enough emotion-evoking moments. There weren't really any, except for some of the Nicholas scenes, and the beginning capturing.

The story really picked up with the whole second half and the vampire thing. I thought it was a bit random at first, but the whole Nicholas thing turned out well. The only thing I'm not so sure about in the second part is the ending - I feel like there should be more. For example, what was with Nicholas's reward of freedom - AND blood? and what was with the whole Nicholas-Melissa relationship blossoming? I must say, I preferred Nicholas's character greatly to Chris's, but it seemed to end on the "friend" note, which was, to be brutally honest, disappointing. There's loads of room for a sequel here, and I don't know if you want to write one, but if in some way you could write a sequel without it having been necessary to read this, it could be very well read, simply because of the better characters. With more obstacles.

Sorry... I don't mean this to sound like a flame. I hope it doesn't. And really, you don't have to listen to me at all, because it's not like anything of mine is well read, but as a reader, I feel like I can point out how this and Neptune's Girl are different from a less biased point of view. So sorry.

7/27/2008 c22 4Italiangurlinamessedupworld
Will we ever know why Fang had so much womens clothing in his room?

And a sequel would be fun, it's your choice, but I want to see what happens...


keep writing,

7/8/2008 c22 8elnochesesmuybonito
id say do a sequal! u left a couple of things un answerd- how do they become familars? how did Chris die? and what was up with all of the womans clothing in fang's closet? so ill say it again, please make a sequal?
3/23/2008 c22 flammingirl
hey awesome story.

i like mel alot. shes cool. damn, shes got some hot guys goin after her ;)

luved the story!

i read it in like two days.

keep writing!

did u end up writing a sequel to this?
1/13/2008 c22 3ElvishKiwi
"this story was supposed to be a spin off of beauty and the beast- Chris was supposed to capture Melissa because he’s a scientist and wanted to study her… vampires were not supposed to be a part of the story at all."

"Nicholas was originally supposed to be Fang, in disguise"

"Chris and Melissa were supposed to end up together"


Wow, the story did turn out very different to what you planned! I love it when that happens! It's much better how it is, though.

Usually I pull for sequels, but this is finished so beautifully that I actually think you should leave it as is. It concludes properly but leaves just enough to the imagination, it's really well done.

It's great. Besides, you have Neptune's Girl to work on now, dont you? ;)
1/9/2008 c21 4Italiangurlinamessedupworld
aw i wish there was a sequel!

are you going to write another story?
1/9/2008 c22 porkypick
I lik ethat you added the epilogue. It ended the story better. who's sara i wanna know... Those are definetly some of the best quotes from your story. I remember reading all of them and laughing befor egetting wierd looks from my parents...*shrug*

I could go for a sequal but I know you don't care what i say, you know my opinion already

keep writing

lots of love



PS If you decide to do a sequal maybe wait til you're done Neptune's Girl. I'm sure it would be much appreciated.
1/8/2008 c22 T.Cole
I feel so depressed to leave these characters. After the many chapters and adventures, I've begun to warm up to them.

Nicholas' original character is so very different from his current one. It's quite shocking.

A sequel would do well though it's entirely up to you. I'm still wondering what will happen to Melissa's silen powers now. May you continue to write the stories that you do.
1/8/2008 c22 7UsagiMiyuki
hahaha i have finsished! :P lol it was good i'm quite glad u didn't end were everyone was complaing though it wasn't as bad as i thought it'd b from what they were saying :p lol poor alexa...

hehe i know who sara's based off of! me mwahaha! lol love ya!
1/8/2008 c22 2sueariel
This took me by surprise - it's not Sunday! No complaints, though! ;)

Hahahaha! I loved the random facts, especially the ones that described what you had originally intended for plots and characters but they totally didn't come out that way! The same thing happens to me when I'm writing - stories and characters sometimes end up taking completely different directions and it's interesting to read how things evolve.

As for a sequel, I think its up to you. You could leave things here and the story can stand on its own. However, I think you have plenty of material to expand on if you want to continue developing these characters.
1/8/2008 c22 Mariposa440
seguel, definatly
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