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5/28/2014 c4 Ruka's fan
It's very good I hope you finish it please finish it I wanted to read it
5/27/2014 c3 Black Fox
You sir are extremely perverted. I am proud of u finally becoming a man.
7/21/2011 c1 12MikuxLuka401
I don't know what the hell you were talking about in the description, i prett interested in the story so far and its very well writtin. You must crazy to think this isn't good, wish I write this well.

Madrox out MMFWCL
4/12/2011 c3 2Tomahawk 3.0
I have to say, I loved how you describd the threesome here. an excellent job! XD
9/7/2009 c3 3bleachbabe03
okay i enjoyed that-_-

dose that make me a lezbo(ima gril by the way)

oh well i dont really care that was hot!
9/7/2009 c2 bleachbabe03


think is so cute i love ruru so much!
9/7/2009 c1 bleachbabe03
it was cute!
1/6/2009 c3 7CrazyLady17

so adding it to my favorties =]

its amazing, yuri stories are the best!
1/2/2009 c3 Master of Puppets4321
I love this!
12/14/2008 c3 1Kara-dono
Nyeh, It was pretty Good. I liked it. ^_^
11/25/2008 c3 2ketsuekilover
hot... i liked it!the girlxgirlxgirl action is hot even for a bi chick! ^_^
8/13/2008 c3 5Joe-Jonas's-Beta-Inuyoukai1993
wow glad i found this greatest yuri story i've found so far
6/23/2008 c3 xInactivex
So hot,I love TatsuRukiHime!:D I don't like Orihime but if she's paired with Rukia or Tatsuki,or both xD,then I'm fine with it!=D

Yay for yuri!^.^

If you're going to update soon,please do so!^^
5/27/2008 c3 1firelarc
nicely writen. the whole actual physical triangle aspect was a nice touch.
5/17/2008 c3 13Anna Yolei
You know, just because the pairing (or threesome, as the case is here) is underwritten is no reason to half-arse things and throw canon out the window.

A few others have already mentioned the part about the sex being..."underwhelming," to be kind.

But the characterization is all over the place, especially Rukia. She's not going to slag off her responsibilities as a Shinigami because she feels a bit horny, and quite frankly that bit irritated me far more than the badly written porn.

Another thing. Japan is a very reserved country. People do not make a practice of simple hand-holding, much less lesbian make-out sessions. Please do some research on the setting and re-watch this show before writing next time.
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