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10/13/2010 c1 ShuraShura
you write awesomely.
9/20/2009 c1 60ighttior
I can't believe that the Dark Ace would smoke! such a filthy habbit!

cool story, though
1/8/2008 c1 2PKBitchGirl1
Great stories you've got here, and I'd also like to second all of Dr. Sipp's suggested pairings but I'll also add Repton/Ravess and Repton/Stork

My reasoning for Repton/Stork, during Fire and Ice, the scene where Hoerk was hanging upside down behind Stork and Repton was standing in front of him grinning, well the look he was giving Stork could be interpreted as lustful by those with a slashy mind.
10/1/2007 c1 Nisha
Yay! Another'Dark Ace was a Storm Hawk' believer!

And yay for slash! But yeah, DarkAcexSnipe is a little strange... but hey, there it is. :D
9/26/2007 c1 50Elektra3
Nice. The voices were absolutely dead-on.

*adds to favorites*
9/23/2007 c1 6Mikitsu Silverquick
Interesting, I love Dark Ace's dialogue here ... he's just so witty and hot ... just like he is in the actual series.
9/20/2007 c1 2SyntheticEuph0ria
You know. . . I /really/ wanna know what woulda happened if Dark Ace hadn't been smoking. 3

Oh man, DarkAce/Snipe. . . Normally a major 'ugh' factor, and yet. . . And yet. . . I /really/ wanted that to continue. XD lol
9/14/2007 c1 65Xekstrin
Omfg have I mentioned I love you and your endless crack pairings? You write crack, in the good way. Because remember, crack is addictive!

9/11/2007 c1 31Mariphasa Hecatene
Oh, this rocks. Good dialogue, great observation. You aren't the only one who thinks about just what it IS between them already.

Good work. =)

(Dark Ace hadn’t been aware that Snipe was in the habit of noticing anything. Great. =)
9/8/2007 c1 4Dr. Sipp
SNIPE, the potions master!


This isn't quite a pairing, but it's really neat! I enjoyed it a lot, especially Snipe being perceptive, and DA's backstory.

And that's saying a LOT, considering how weird Snipe/DA is to me.

Pairing suggestions:

Dark Ace/Piper, Repton/Starling, Repton/Snipe, Junko/a girl (FOR PURE AWKWARDNESS) Starling/Cyclonis, Stork/someone, Repton/CAPTAIN FABULOUS ... :D
9/8/2007 c1 QueenMeganMuffin1st
Holy crap. You have made a terrible pairing look fantastic. This is.. adorable.. and hilarious.. and wow.

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