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2/12/2008 c1 Starfire99
The story is good, but the japanese in it ruined it. I didn't understand half the stuff they said. Everything else in this story (including half the dialogue) is in english, so I don't know why in the world you'd use japanese AND english dialogue. I can see using the honorifics, but most people reading this site don't know japanese, so your use of japanese phrases ruins the story.

In short, pick a damn language. Either write the entire thing in Japanese, or write the entire thing in english.
12/7/2007 c1 3Tsukhiro Kimiko
hm... like i said, it's a bit weird.. but nvm.. keep up the good work, haru-chan!
10/27/2007 c1 35Kaira-chan15
Aww how cute, I love this pairing! I liked how easily Hiashi approved of it. Nice work! ^_^
9/10/2007 c1 1Slim Shady
Good but ease up on the Japanese cause it's hard to see what happened between them when they confessed.
9/10/2007 c1 SDF Macross
9/9/2007 c1 4rurouni shadow
i think nejji and naruto are in character...but im not sure about hiashi. ^^ great job though! =D
9/8/2007 c1 16Topaznik-Citrine
aww! that was the .most. kawaii thing ever! domo arigatou! there was so much japanese @[email protected] make my eyes all swirly! lol. it was great. congrats on a great one-fic ^-^
9/8/2007 c1 leftandright
cute! but could you tell me what all those japenese words mean. and doujobu or something like that. I mean we dont all speak japenese, unfortunatly. well actually most of you on here do. But i dont sadly.

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