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9/3/2008 c5 OutOnTheOpenRoad
“So I can attract little naked Ferengi posers at an F-ing Star Trek convention!” - BEST LINE EVER! Seriously, completely hilarious! Anyway - enjoyed this a lot, so good job! :)
9/19/2007 c5 19gypsymuse
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was extremely well-written, the characters remained in-character throughout, you nailed the M/S interplay, *and* it was filled with delicious references for the Trekkies-er, Trekkers-um, all of us who are Trek fans as well as X-Philes. Good one! :D
9/9/2007 c5 DanaPetri
omg i love this! you should write a sequel! great job
9/8/2007 c5 68The X-Filer
hey good job i liked it! keep it up!

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