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for South of the Hellmouth

1/25/2010 c2 5NeonLights90
aww more? Wish you'd have finished. i would've loved to see how spencer fit into all this
9/29/2009 c2 lori
ughh I just found this and is great... So update please?
5/24/2009 c2 17spashley20
this was pretty kickass. it's to bad you didn't finish it
3/4/2009 c2 5Barbarossa Rotbart
Could you please continue this story?

Your portrayal of Andrew and Ashley (and their style of story telling) was perfect. I hope that with the next chapter Spencer enters the picture. Perhaps she is another slayer or a witch trained by Willow.
1/18/2008 c2 16musicbendr
This is an excellent story. Buffy and SON are just about my two favorite shows, and combining them is brilliant. You did a great job with writing Andrew and Ashley in first person; it really feels like it's them talking. Can't wait for the next update!
1/17/2008 c2 DaPhoenix
That was the upmost captivating chapter. Return soon w/ another update.
1/16/2008 c2 6captnaimerica
this story is high-larious. your andrew is so in character, you really captured his essence. lol. anways, to qoute mcdonalds "bah-bah-bah bah-bah, i'm loving it."
9/9/2007 c1 1Halfreck3929
hahaha poor ashley what the hell is she gonna do with andrew as a watcher?
9/9/2007 c1 10Stokley27
That was awesome. I can't wait to read some more because if this opening is any indication of what's to come I know this is gonna turn out to be my neew favorite fic.
9/9/2007 c1 erthiaalyana
OK, you are brilliant. Absolutely, positively, brilliant. I love your writing style, your plot idea, you have all the characters captured perfectly...Gah, your perfect! PMS, if you please.
9/9/2007 c1 CapActive4
Yes! Alas; another beautifully developed SpencexAsh vampire fanfic. I love Spence, I heart Ash, and Vampires are hot...need I say more? \m/
9/9/2007 c1 7mynonbinarycode
OK so i know this is going to sound bad but i have never seen Buffy the vampire slayer. I've heard of it but never seen it. But...I still like this story and do hope you continue.
9/9/2007 c1 20slickchick84
"on the day same day terrorists nuked Sunnydale"!

"he was actually sane, if psychotically annoying."!

You killed me with those! I am and always will be a huge Buffy fan, so you combining son and btvs just made my day!

You have Andrew perfectly pegged! He is hilarious!

Please continue this story soon, it is so funny and I can't wait for the Spashley scenes!
9/8/2007 c1 PalexForever
Oh my god! This is hilarious! South of Nowhere and Buffy combined? Am I in heaven? Ok, on a more serious note I really like the idea of Ashley being a slayer and Andrew being her Watcher. You write Andrew perfectly. I'm thinking Andrew is going to take a lot of abuse from our dear Ashley. Can't wait to see how Spencer comes into this!

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