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for What shouldn't have happened

5/7/2008 c10 Zolo-Ruler-of-OnePiece
A good story so far. I hope this isn't a story where Naruto keeps flipping back and forth between Hinata and Sakura. He's got a good thing going with Hinata if he chooses to accept it. Sakura had her chances a long time ago and blew him off for the Emo Uchiha. Plus if Sakura hadn't been so useless, Naruto and Kakashi wouldn't have been captured and Kakashi would still be alive.
5/5/2008 c9 2Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain
Interesting story you got and fairly decent plotline flow. Though their is one thing you I would like ask you which will save you a lot of headaches later on.

You have stated in your summary that the pairings will be one-sided narusaku and naruhina later. I would let you know if this story turns into a main pairing naruhina pairing and not narusaku. You will get flames for doing that and putting this story in Naruto & Sakura category filter. Also, you haven't received that many reviews, in particular narusaku as you noticed is because you have narusaku oneside which is not a really great story in the eyes of narusaku fans/readers.

So I do suggest if this story does turn into naruhina main pairing either change your story to narusaku or move it out of this category. Other narusaku will tell you the same thing, others might pm you or just simply falme you.

5/4/2008 c8 FaLlEn-AnGeL627
omg i want to see what happens next update soon please
3/26/2008 c1 JamieCat
Hey, I love it! Please continue...
3/17/2008 c1 Lilac.Disease
o_O; it's a rather interesting story. I enjoyed it quite a bit even though Sakura isn't a character i like.
3/2/2008 c1 6Pr. June
whoa(clapping) Sakura is the best. The way she took on those two ninjas was brillant...they were just too sneaky. I hope Sakura turns around and gets her revenge. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
1/24/2008 c1 41Reidluver
Hello! Nice beginning; you write battle scenes very well, and those are hard to do. Like I said before, I'm really interested in how this all turns out because Kakashi and Naruto are some of my favorite characters and I can't wait to see what happens to them. You also do the first person POV very well.
10/20/2007 c15 ace098761
i like the story very much. keep up the good work

plaese update next chapter of the story
9/28/2007 c1 davidorr
9/23/2007 c1 9SHONENX
this is good.
9/17/2007 c2 4nevercomemonday
chapter 2 is too short. still a good story so far though.
9/13/2007 c6 kristen hardin
hi i love this story you are wrighting will you right more faster i want ot no what happens
9/13/2007 c1 Anne Smith
One word; Wow. This story is amazing! To start off, the flow of the story line is perfect. I couldn't have done it better myself. Also, the vocabulary is necessarily and properly used. There's a plus :]. I like the flashbacks and foreshadowing of the story. It gives a good clue as to what happens, but then another turn occurs. The only thing that I would have to tip you on is, there's so much action, that it keeps the reader wanting more, but almost too much, if you know what I mean. Put more storyline into the chapters, and advance into the action. It may give a better sense as to how the story builds up. Your doing great, and I highly sugguest that you continue making more chapters, for I will read and review. Again, good job, and good luck :].
9/10/2007 c1 No More Fanfiction for Me
I like it. You do a good job portraying the characters's emotions and making things happen; you keep the plot moving. You do need to slow it down, though, as I read it I felt like it was all jumbled together. Still, don't be discouraged, because you're doing a lot more right than wrong. Good job! Please continue. ;P

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