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for The Witches' Grail

11/17/2014 c2 julia23602829
loved the first chapter. although you seemed to mistake the sisters, cause usually prue is the one who feels guilty when something happen to one of her sisters
5/21/2008 c17 chlollie
Like to see some more of this
2/24/2008 c17 142WelshCanuck
i miss tihs. and love it. hope you ud soon
12/29/2007 c10 4Phoenixed
Nice job.
12/29/2007 c9 Phoenixed
OMG! They brought Andy along with them! Oh God, this is good.
12/29/2007 c8 Phoenixed
OMG! Piper's wearing Patty's wedding dress. That was so brilliant, I've been recommending this story to friends. I also liked the bit where Prue figured that the moths didnt find her dress appetizing. Haha. Another good chapter and Nick seems like a fun character so far.
12/29/2007 c7 Phoenixed
Definitely an interesting chapter and I liked the mention of Whitelighter Laws and how that actual Whitelighter will be punished. Nice thinking.
12/29/2007 c6 Phoenixed
Wow, hidden in the past! Very cool idea. Also, when Prue was flipping the pages it reminded me of Grams' standard way as well as when she did it in "Blinded by the Whitelighter". Another good chapter and I liked the reference of Gideon.
12/29/2007 c5 Phoenixed
Simple, but good. Im loving Piper and Leo scenes more and more lately.
12/29/2007 c4 Phoenixed
Oh crap! This is getting intense.
12/29/2007 c3 Phoenixed
I liked the bit with them checking in the BoS and discovering the Water Elemental.

Also, I normally give more in-depth reviews, but Im just anxious to see how Phoebe's doing.
12/29/2007 c2 Phoenixed
Another good chapter.
11/25/2007 c1 Phoenixed
This was without a doubt a good read so far. I've looked at it ever since you premiered it, but always curious. Im glad I stepped in and read it. I loved the idea of that water sphere. I've seen some "water balls" before, but I loved how yours was described.
11/13/2007 c17 4TWDWarrior
I hope to read more of this story soon
10/17/2007 c17 31treehillcharmed
nice descriptions of the gargoyle
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