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for The Witches' Grail

10/16/2007 c16 31treehillcharmed
ah interesting! UDS asap :)
10/15/2007 c16 142WelshCanuck
WEll now .. she's gonna be in a bit of a pickle now isnt she...nice twist.. me like how the source thinks.. great job..
10/12/2007 c15 31treehillcharmed
stupid prue & andy and stupid source. lol good chapters keep it up :)
10/9/2007 c14 142WelshCanuck
ohoh i 'd say Andy and Prue are ina wee bit of trouble... great update. more soon please i love it.
10/9/2007 c13 PrUe AnD AnDy
Hope Andy accepts prue's secret. keep up the great work. :D
10/8/2007 c13 9WyaRose
I think this idea is really interesting and you're clearly a talented writer, but I think it's odd how the sisters seem to not care very much about their sisters disappearance...I would have expected them to feel more urgency in finding her and more worry for her state. Please update soon!
10/8/2007 c13 31treehillcharmed
haha poor prue. that was bad timing. i liked the way she tried to tell him, i could def picture it.
10/6/2007 c12 Charmedisawsome1994
thats a kool chapter
10/5/2007 c12 1treehillcharmed
hmm i know leo can be trusted, but can Emaline?
10/5/2007 c12 158writerchic16
I've actually had this on my story alert for a while and felt bad for not reviewing it, lol. Anyways, great story - there aren't enough fics set while Prue was alive. Interesting side plot with Leo and the girl from that time period, but I hope there's a section with Prue telling Andy the truth (you don't have to do it if you were planning to, of course. I hate it when reviewers try to tell the author what to write). So, good job so far!
10/4/2007 c11 Charmedisawsome1994
i love this story i wish there was more of it because i would read it all day.
10/3/2007 c11 31treehillcharmed
i'm excited to see what happens once they find the grail and leo tells them they can't trade it..prue really is stubborn. lol
10/3/2007 c11 PrUe AnD AnDy
i wonder how andy will react to what prue has to tell him. update asap. :D
10/2/2007 c10 peppybennett
I really like this Nick character. He sounds very 'manly' I love that. Keep going this is fantastic.
10/2/2007 c10 PrUe AnD AnDy
Update asap. Aww Andy was getting a little jealous. Will he find out that the girls are witches? Keep up the great work.
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