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for The Witches' Grail

10/1/2007 c10 31treehillcharmed
really good! UDS! eek, no powers?
10/1/2007 c10 WelshCanuck
ohoh. This is gonna be interesting isnt it? Nice save Nick...:)

Still doing a great job.. have i said that before.. yeah.. well you are.. keep it up
9/27/2007 c9 1peppybennett
Let's try again...

You are such a well-expressed writer and I really enjoy reading your stories.

Now that my brain is working again.

I really like Nick’s character. A little mischievous white-lighter work for Leo, I love it!
9/26/2007 c9 142WelshCanuck
roo-oh...What ever will Andy think when he wakes up.. I liking this Nick guy...Still doing a fab job and i still look forward when i come home from work and see update...keep it going
9/26/2007 c9 31treehillcharmed
haha i still think nick is funny. even though he wasn't on the show, i can totally picture him. UDS! :)
9/26/2007 c6 PeppyBennett
You are such and well-expressed writer and I really enjoy reading your stories.
9/25/2007 c8 142WelshCanuck
Still loving it..Poor pipe with nothing to wear. lol..Wheres Phoebe? is she ok? is she drowning? cant wait to read more. i look for it everyday in my inbox saaying new part up...
9/25/2007 c8 24emaline5678
Ooh - I can't wait to see Leo's reaction to Piper in that dress. Hahah. And I'm digging the new guy - sounds like he'll be funny as things get going.
9/25/2007 c8 31treehillcharmed
haha nick seems funny. i like him.
9/24/2007 c7 1treehillcharmed
ah i've always hated gideon. awesome chapter, way to leave me hanging. i bet piper and prue are gonna flip when they find out they can't make the exhange.
9/24/2007 c5 24emaline5678
Great story so far! I love the mixture of action, adventure, drama and romance. You don't see many stories from the first season era. Love the Prue/Andy drama and Piper/Leo romance. Keep the chapters coming!
9/21/2007 c6 31treehillcharmed
ah cliffhanger. ew, gideon. i hate him.
9/21/2007 c6 142WelshCanuck
oh this just keeps getting bette.r the way you tied in prue somewhat rocky relationship with andy. por guy.. leo putting him to sleep like that...keep going.
9/20/2007 c5 WelshCanuck
Well i'm not anonymous cause i love it and happy to tell you as such. . cant wait to read more you're doing great
9/20/2007 c5 31treehillcharmed
loved the piper/leo moment again :)UDS!
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