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for Of Marbles Lost and Found: Raising Harry 4

4/27/2009 c3 Robin Hood
No kidding! that's definitely a new one for the parent's generation. Usually they want to leave Narcissa as a neutral party, and Lucius as unremittingly evil, despite J.K.R.s ending which is all yay family. I am very interested.
4/15/2009 c3 noylj
I would expect that Lucy looks at Molly now and thanks god for dodging that bullet. How Arthur has kept from strangling her is beyond me.
1/12/2009 c9 Katalara
Yay! Onward and upward...

12/18/2008 c9 Thaliran
Love it i love it, the imperius curse on lucius, its cool i allways liked him though, i hope his personality dosent change too much, i like them coold as ice, thoue some are funny, my favorite is Sirius, Belatrix and Snape, evil Rowling killed all its not fair. Thanks for a wonderfull story
12/18/2008 c2 Thaliran
I love your story, the wiccan twist is so interesting, i hope harry is going to use it more. the wiccan reed was very interesting, i like the way you use other kinds of magics not only wand waving.
12/8/2008 c3 CordeliaHunter
I agree with you that "I'd never really seen anything quite like this plotline used before". I think this is a very interesting plot development and has the potential to be really great. This is your second major deviation from cannon that I've really liked (first being Percy loosening up, which isn't seen too much either).
10/17/2008 c9 5Global Conquest-er
OH! I cant believe that I keep having to say this, but these stories are AMAZING! Unfortunately, this story seems to be the last finished one in the bunch, and the next one has been started but not updated in, shall we say, a bit?

Still, GREAT story here, I love all of the Harry/Lucius interactions - their just so fun, but I find myself hoping that his newly-reformed ways dont go splitting up the Weasley family - because I've always felt Molly and Arthur to be the best match in the books . . . apart, maybe, from Dumbledore and Grindewald. But still, they've always seemed to go together ... forever, and I, for one, believe it would be a shame to break them up. Not, of course, saying that you would, just that that might be one of the logical conclusions in all this. ANYWAYS! This is a GREAT series, and I look forward to reading what you have up of the fifth installment. By the way, does that let us know what AJ was up to? Her idea stated in one of the earlier chapters of this one? She, too, is pretty cool.
10/7/2008 c9 shiftyless
9/27/2008 c9 Fick Chick
We'll, that make 4 that I've enjoyed & this one has the benefit of having a completely original plot line. Congratulations.
8/13/2008 c9 deitarionSSokolow
I never thought I'd see the day when someone managed to write a "Lucius isn't really as bad as he's shown" story that I could accept. Bravo!

Oh, and I forgot to mention before, but this is also the first decent "Harry in America" story I've read... probably because you recognized the importance of keeping the fantasy/mystic/magical atmosphere properly dominant when you translated part of the setting to the U.S.
7/24/2008 c7 24Owl344
Sorry I haven't reviewed before now, but I was having huge amounts of trouble with getting the reviews through. I assure you that writing a review three, four times and having it *still* not work doesn't do much for your inclination to write reviews. Also, the Scout oath touched a cord in me (I'm a Girl Guide. Pathfinder, to be precise). Other than that:

Good story. I like Lucius under the Imperius, though I thought it was from his Father, not Narcissa! Err...you may want to work on your concealing your plot points, working out that he was under some kind of mind control and was angry at Arthur and Molly for not having realized it wasn't very difficult. Also, I like Harry; he's fun. I also enjoy your representation of Percy.
6/17/2008 c9 Erin06
Great series! I really like that Lookin' For Trouble song! Btw, has a name for the boys' band been picked out yet?
6/12/2008 c3 1ReflectionsOfReality
I don't know if any one has mentioned this to you but steak and kidney is not as in the organ but as in the the kidney bean as in the ones used in chili and the like. Not that houselfs might take the name literally instead of what the world sees it as. To be honest for the longest time I thought it meant the organ so a 13 year old might believe the same.

3/19/2008 c3 Keronshara
FYI - Dennis Creevy started Hogwarts during Harry's fourth year. It was the first Sorting that he attended since his own. Dennis was thrilled about the fact that he fell off the boat into the lake during the ride to the castle and was rescued by the giant squid. He entered the Great Hall for the Sorting swimming under Hagrid's coat.
3/19/2008 c9 jbfritz
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