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for Bridge to Terabithia: The Lost Journeys

9/2/2008 c20 23anyabar1987
aww yay very good, well worth the wait, Jess and leslie are back together
9/2/2008 c1 1manderan orange
wow, so far this is really good. can't wait to read more!
9/2/2008 c20 18MadTom
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! You FINALLY got Jess and Leslie face to face and Jess is still conscious, lucid and on his feet!

I don't understand why Jess and May Belle wouldn't just bring Leslie in the house with them and let their parents see her. It's the perfect "Get out of Jail free" card for being late for dinner!
8/31/2008 c19 3martin4x4

I read your whole story yesterday. I enjoyed this story very much, but I miss few more chapters, the last times he even lost consciousness when he saw her, so even this is not solved, what if it will happen to him again and what would happen after they will be reunited again... their first talk, describing their feelings, what had Jesse felt, and probably he would also may be irritated that he missed her so much and so on, that she was alive and he was crying on wrong grave, there are so many possibilities for continuing in that story of yours. And then, what about Leslie's parents? What will happen to them? Will they marry again? And what about their old house? Their house is occupied by onother people, which also mean much to Leslie, and they have no place to go if they will give their new house to their previous owners... so will Leslie move away? If yes, that would probably kill Jesse right when it would happen, just imagination that you had your loved one back from death, and then lost him again... that would be so much pain that it is impossible to even imagine adequate... And, after all, what will be their future? Will they remain together? How will Jesse deal with the fact that he got his wish, that he get his Leslie back, but, would that Leslie want to be again HIS Leslie after all? She had lived two months without him, found new friend, while Jesse was crying whole nights for her, missing her much, slowly, but surely returning to his self at which he had been before Leslie came to his life and changed him forever...

There are too many open questions remaing, too much to be left on readers shoulders to let their imagination do the last job and to finish the story in their mind as they would like to finish it.

I was just wishing all the time I was reading that Leslie will hear some of his talk with Maybelle about her, how much she means to him, even after he thinks that she is dead and how much she had helped him, because she was still, even at the end still thinking that Jesse had somehow forgot her, even when the reality is completly contrary, it would be beautiful chapter, to read this kind of feelings, it is always beautiful to discover that person, that means to you so much, that to that person you mean so much more, how important you are for someone, how someone needs you and can't stop thinking about you, how someone is trying to keep all memories of you and how someone is blaming himself for your death, that even haven't happened.

Anyway, this is still your story, it is still very good story, just it looks to me that it needs few more, no few, much more answers, and that even throught you have written wonderful chapters, you can write many more, even better ones, just it needs a litte more to do. I hope that I have given you at least few hints about how to continue, if you will wish to continue.

I wish you all the best in your further stories,


Martin from Slovakia :)
7/7/2008 c19 BourneNCISlover21
aw come on that was the worst cliff hangers of all!

by the way i love this story! I just read the whole things and couldn't stop!

please update soon!

7/1/2008 c19 6abeatticus
Good stuff. I've been looking forward to this chapter.
6/30/2008 c19 54Little Minamino
So they meet again. I'm looking forward to seeing what Jess has to say to his long lost friend. Great job by the way, keep up the good work.
6/29/2008 c19 4Arklune
Cool, glad to see this updated again :) Great as always, Mark. Can't wait to see what comes next.
3/17/2008 c18 2Yuki Michiyo
What a cliff hanger!

It's a really cute story. Not at all what the author intended, of course, but nevertheless.

You captured the characters amazingly, which is probably the biggest fanfic flaw.

Continue! I cannot wait to see the reunion!
3/12/2008 c15 Firemnwnb
When is Chapter 19 coming
3/9/2008 c18 Firemnwnb
Fix chapter number
3/9/2008 c17 Firemnwnb
Fix Chapter number
3/9/2008 c16 Firemnwnb
3/8/2008 c16 Hank999
i've read through previous reviews and i guess i'm the only one with this problem because for me there is no chapter16. just 2 chapter 17s. :(

can you please fix this and re-up 16 cuz this story is really good.
3/7/2008 c19 30QuirkyChameleon
o i can't wait until the ending! very very good!
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