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for The Rogue the Slayer and the Mage

5/5/2010 c4 10HeavenStar88
This story's prety good. I like the part with Teretis and Seraphine in the net, particularly.
4/10/2010 c22 4eyelovefantasy
HA HA HA! Seems funny.

P.S. Sorry for the late reveiw.
1/31/2010 c1 52Blade100
Hey. Blade100 here, and...I just want to say I'm sorry. Sorry for not updating any stories I have in AdventureQuest. I used to have, arguably, the most popular story here...

Its just...I lost interest, and I got new ideas for other things, and all sorts of stuff. I'm sorry, really, I am. I hope to one day reboot my work, maybe start anew of the stories of Alex Dragonark and Stargazer. I hope, one day I will, for now, I am working on some other stories in Fictionpress. If you have time, I'd be honored if you read them. Besides that, again, I am very sorry for not updating anything here. I do wish I could bring myself to it, but...yeah...Again, sorry. Truly, deeply, sorry.
11/9/2009 c21 4eyelovefantasy
Another interesting chapter. I was little confused at first 'cause at the end of last chapter I thought they were going to the rip in the sky and now Devi's in a nightclub full of vampires. Did I miss something?
1/25/2009 c20 eyelovefantasy
Interesting chapter.

I'm sorry but I can check out the continuation of "The Fourth Reset" 'cus I can't find it.
12/30/2008 c7 26Pokeshipper99
A pretty good story, I'm currently reading to Chapter 7. Will read the other chapters tomorrow, I promise.
12/15/2008 c1 eyelovefantasy
Everything sounds interesting, but, when are you going to post it (your OM sequel )?
11/15/2008 c19 eyelovefantasy
I like what you've done to this chapter. I also like what you've written for "The Fourth Reset", however, you quoted "Macbeth" wrong. You should have put, "Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player who struts and frets his hour about the stage and then is heard no more." If that wasn't what you were quoting, I apologize.
9/21/2008 c19 4eyelovefantasy
Cool chap'. Can't wait to see the rest.
7/25/2008 c18 eyelovefantasy
That was evil, doing a "Birds" spoof (my least favorite Hitchcock move) and ending it like that. Besides, wasn't Trinenna about to tell her story? Ah, well, keep up the good work.
7/12/2008 c16 eyelovefantasy
This is good. Where did Selpuchure come from, though?
7/3/2008 c17 eyelovefantasy
Thanks, that would be nice.
7/3/2008 c17 eyelovefantasy
O.K. that was funny but what happens next in the plot? I need to know what happened after the "Avatar of Hope" thing and whether Serpentine finds out she's related to a Paladin who's helping vampires and dracopires.
6/17/2008 c16 eyelovefantasy
Whoa! Suspenseful ending! Update before the supense kills me!
5/26/2008 c15 eyelovefantasy
Wow! Very interesting. (Run, Devi, run! Before Serpentine finds you!)
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