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6/8/2010 c3 296mmooch
*snicker* Wow, feeling the warm fuzzies between the two there at the end! Didn't think I'd like a Buffy/Ethan, but you've gotten me to change my mind. Plus, there's the added bonus for being right about them letting the Initiative take Ethan. Heck, Faith only had to go to jail, not be tortured and experimented on.
3/8/2010 c3 6Calistal
So - its been quite a while since this was posted, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love it. :P For some reason, I was in the mood for buffy/ethan - and you don't find it very often. I was very excited to find this, and was even happier when it was very good.

Well done!
7/25/2008 c3 3Cinnamon Cigarettes
Awesome. I liked that . . . :P I thought I was the only one who shipped those two.
12/13/2007 c3 14RedneckGal
Wow, I liked that. I like the pairing too. But then I'm a fan of unconventional, for the most part. By the by, I agree with your assessment of the way things went down in "A New Man". And it was proved in the Buffy Season 8 comics that the military ended up killing Ethan Rayne. Sad about that too, cos' I liked the sly old bastard!
9/30/2007 c3 59Ripper101
I liked it.

You're right, you did have more of an elaboration in this chapter, so I'm now satisfied. Not that you should have cared about that anyway. ^_^

No, this part was good. It was a bit cheesy, in the sense of Giles and Willow being the 'aw... good friends' characters. Then again, we all *like* cheese. The drama was there without the angst. The drama was there without requiring a big splurge of words and breaking hearts.

Ultimately, though, when I came back to re-read this chapter, I skipped most of the bits with Giles and Willow and came straight to the end with Ethan and Buffy. That little exchange was good.

One thing, though, I'm hoping that Ethan doesn't have to stay young. It feels a bit like a cop-out primarily because it assumes that, if he's young again, everything's okay. I don't think that can be true because physically he might be twenty-five (how old is Buffy here?) while his mental and emotional age is still fifty. Or whatever. Do you see what I mean? I'm hoping you're going to do something with that in the next chapter.

But once again, congrats on the 3rd chapter.
9/25/2007 c3 2kimbclar
This is a great story. There are hardly any Buffy/Ethan pairings and I really enjoy it. Call it a guilty pleasure. Thanks for sharing this with us.
9/25/2007 c3 Catlimere
Marvelous! I love this story, have I mentioned that. :) Really do enjoy the Buffy/Ethan dynamic and I'm delighted in this case both Giles and Willow worked to make sure Buffy was in love, was happy, and would have a chance to hold onto that happiness as long as possible. Rather amusing as well, as it seems Giles has a bit of the chaos in him with the plan to de-age Ethan. Fabulous story and always, always nice to see Buffy finally getting some happiness...Ethan too.
9/23/2007 c2 59Ripper101
I liked it. Ethan's dialogue needs a bit of editing but not so much that it showed at first reading.

I just wish I could have *seen* what was happening, instead of just hearing him describe it.

May I suggest, if you ever want to redo this little bit, that you try writing a chapter to go in-between the current first and second chapters? Then this chapter would work as Ethan's impression, as a revelation almost, to Giles about his true feelings.

But even without it, not bad.

I love that you've simply brought the entire question down to Ethan's age. Not because his potential evil-ness doesn't count, but because this is exactly why he's so different to anyone that Buffy might date. The very fact that he's not supernatural means that he's not Angel or Spike, able to be beautiful and physically equal all the time. He's not Buffy's age or Buffy's general type but I've always thought the characters would understand each other more than appears at first glance.

So yes. I liked this chapter. But one more thing, I'm hoping you have at least a little throw-away line coming up as to why (or if) Buffy just accepts this so calmly.
9/23/2007 c2 67Daughter of the Black
i love Ethan Buffy fics. hehe! I love this one especially, i hope you update soon,please.
9/23/2007 c2 Catlimere
This is absolutely marvelous. Found the story today and wow! it's fabulous. First of all, I always liked Ethan, reprobate that he was. I always thought he just wanted his friend back in any way, shape or form; even as an enemy. I think part of him resented Buffy, her destiny being the final thing to keep Ripper from coming back. Whether or not that's true, rests with Joss, but I liked the idea and I really like the way you're writing him here.

Second, I love the idea that Buffy wouldn't turn him over to the Initiative. I can't remember timing, but for some reason thought when they it was after the whole Adam thing and supposedly the "new, improved" Inititave. Sending him off to them still bothered me. I understand that he set things up so that Buffy really could have killed Giles and she'd want Giles to be safe once and for all from Ethan's machinations; however, I always did wonder what happened to him. I agree that being a champion, a hero, means saving all, however Buffy was also human and young and Giles was the only real father figure she had. Having lost one watcher and her father being MIA, and having been so close to killing him when he was the Fyarl demon, I can see where fear and youth may have overidden her better instincts. Something she heeded later letting Ben live, saving Jonathan and Andrew from Willow's rampage, heck not killing Willow and not going after Anya until an entire fraternity was slaughtered thanks to her vengeance ways.

One of the reasons I really like the Buffy/Ethan pairing here is due to the fact more than anyone else on the show, Buffy saw the shades of gray. She would do what was right and what was necessary, but she always saw the potential for more. She saw Angel redeemed, Spike as a good man in the end, and I have no trouble with her seeing the good in Ethan. I think he can see the woman in Buffy, not just the Slayer and she needs someone like that I think.

I love the idea that he ran into her by accident after so long, not to mention after so much has happened, and he can see her pain. Love that he uses his powers to try to make her smile, really smile. Love that she looked forward to his visits, even if it was three months of getting flowers, not even conversation aside from the one at the bar. Loved him being concerned and jealous about why she wasn't there and going to her apartment and seeing that she kept all the flowers. Even more, loved when he actually spoke with her the next night after doing the same. The progression of their relationship is very well done. Going on the date and things progressing to the point that Ethan realizes he's in love with her. I think she feels the same and after Spike, I think she's learned even more about love, loss, and not wasting precious time. Not to mention, I think the older men, with a bit of the dark in them, are the ones that truly understand Buffy.Not to mention aren't intimidated by her own darkness.

I do really like the way you have Ethan going to Giles, laying his heart bare, and being willing to bear the disapproval, disappointment, anger that he's worried Buffy will be faced with. I love that he doesn't want to be Buffy's dirty little secret. I don't think he has much to worry about though. I think if Buffy's come to the point she wants to reconnect with Willow, try to anyway, I don't think she's going to hide Ethan. I also imagine after having been cast adrift and on her own for so long, I don't think she'd react the same way to the Scoobies disapproval. If they have it. Frankly I always thought the Scoobies were a little too involved in who she was dating, why, and whether or not they approved. Regardless, my very long ramble to say...great story, fabulous pairing, I love the unconventional, and that I can't wait to see the next part.
9/23/2007 c2 RabidReject
Great story. I can't wait to read more.

P.S. If you want reviews, you should allow folks to review anonymously. You'll get a lot more reviews that way.
9/19/2007 c1 59Ripper101
I am very interested.

Your Ethan is a bit of a kicked puppy in this one; much less dominant and self-assured but then, he's not really in a happy place at this point in his career is he? ^_^

Waiting to see where you go next.

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