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1/29/2010 c6 7Tak the Wonder
nice. i like that it's just long enough to read and not to dragging on... i like the made up charaters too.
1/13/2010 c9 1vampiremuggle
please please please update soon! i love this story! (and december was last month you know)


vampiremuggle at gmail dot com
5/24/2008 c8 shadowstorm13
awesome story i like it alot this is the first aly story i've ever read do you know any other good aly stories
3/30/2008 c8 15NobodyCanKnow
Wow! this story is keeping me on the edge of my seat. I'm having shivers run down my spine. Tortall has definetly changed! I know this story hasn't been updated in a long time but if your going to continue it can you give me an estimate of how long it's going to be until you pick this story up again? hopefully update soon.
2/12/2008 c8 chair-chan
Hi! I just wanted to say that your story is really intriguing(sp?) I would love to see more of it sometime soon [in polite-speak, that means update! :)]

It seems well-thought-out, and quite the mystery. You're going on my favorites list! ;)
1/9/2008 c1 2buttons7
I'm enjoying this very much so far... the only thing I have a problem with though, strangely, is the chronology. I'm not a great mathematician, but I reckon that if Aly's eldest daughter is 10, Alanna (as in the Lioness) must, at the most, be in her late 50s. But you've described her as a proper geriatric, in her 70s or so. I can see why it's necessary to the plot to have aged all of that generation by quite a long way but I think it's too obviously incorrect. Even if the older characters are all supposed to be in their 50s, there's a problem with characterisation. Very few people look that decrepid when they're barely more than middle aged and, when you think about it, it's unlikely that any king would abdicate in their late 50s, early 60s, nor that Alanna would be useless by that age (think Duke Gareth in Song of the Lioness). So anyway, thinking about that kind of put me off. But otherwise, very interesting.
12/31/2007 c8 3Tortall101
wow - this is really hooting up i can't wait for the next chapter :)
12/30/2007 c8 DancesWithBadgers
Oh. My. Gosh. Update soon or I'll pass out! (Just Kidding!)
12/30/2007 c6 DancesWithBadgers
No, it's not going too fast or too slow. You write it the way YOU want to write it! Great job!
12/20/2007 c7 Tortall101
wow - another great chapter with a cliffhanger! :)
12/16/2007 c6 Tortall101
i like the story progressing at the current pace. i loved kyprioth's appearance - very cool!
12/8/2007 c5 Tortall101
whew - this is really hotting up!
12/7/2007 c5 29Lady Mage
I bet Alan is at the center of the conspiracy. Great job... update soon please!
12/6/2007 c4 3Tortall101
*groans* a cliffhanger oh the suspense - lol - i can't wait for the next installment.
12/5/2007 c4 29Lady Mage
O I hope you update soon.. this is marvelous!
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