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6/8/2020 c11 1Nathem
Wish this was posted the same time as watermelon sugar by harry styles
2/14/2019 c25 jasongd
And another great oneshots congrats
8/30/2017 c4 Pokeshipper4life
Wow, how embarrassing for them when Jazz walked in on them. Love it though, especially the beginning when Danny mentioned that he wanted to learn how to make something their future kids will like.
8/30/2017 c2 Pokeshipper4life
Love it! I wonder if Sam would really be seductive now that they are dating, that is if the show had continued.
8/30/2017 c1 Pokeshipper4life
Aww, he was making her favorite dessert. Those two are so cute together.
5/17/2013 c25 Perry123
Out of all of them 'French Fries' was my favorite! Thanks for this awesome story! :3
9/17/2012 c19 LoneWoolfette
Hmmm I wonder what Sam could mean by that... And when Danny will catch on...
9/17/2012 c18 LoneWoolfette
Hahaha u gotta live Sam. That girl's got SKILLZ
9/17/2012 c17 LoneWoolfette
Lol so cute:)
9/16/2012 c15 LoneWoolfette
I love this story:)
9/16/2012 c14 LoneWoolfette
Hahahahaha I can totally see that happening!
9/16/2012 c12 LoneWoolfette
Have you noticed all the innuendos they put into Disney channel tv shows now? I mean, come on people! I'm 14 and even I can catch them!
9/16/2012 c11 LoneWoolfette
Awww hahaha hats off to u my friend.

U kno, I should really stop writing these reviews after 12 pm. Half the time I don't even kno what im saying.
9/16/2012 c10 LoneWoolfette
That is exactly me!

Except I don't drink energy drinks, and instead of coke I have good ol' Dr. Pepper:) I also have the same procrastination issue. Right now, I'm putting off AP geography, English, math, and 2nd year french to read these fanfictions:)
9/16/2012 c9 LoneWoolfette
That's how I am when I'm sick too! But that's probably cuz of the whole asthma thing
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