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1/28/2011 c1 20SilverChelle
"Badgers are the shit, man! And nothing is ever going to convince Christopher otherwise."

Haha i think i quoted that almost right and that was hilarious. You're a very good writer. This is the first Everworld fanfic that I've read that is actually well-written.

9/28/2009 c1 10korr
This is awesome. thank you for writing it.
2/8/2009 c1 72Azalee
This is simply genius, I cracked up every ten seconds and April is all kinds of win and Chris' inner monologue is just perfect and hilarious and David is totally sexy and the mentions of Senna were so fun and the house choices were as well and Hufflepuff is totally the best house ever and I love this.
3/28/2008 c1 6thattangledweb
Oh My Dear God. I normally don't like crossover fics at all, but this one just made my day! I mean really- I hadn't even thought about Everworld Slash until I saw it on the list, and I was like... "Hey, I've read ALL of that. Let's see what other people think" and I realized that other people corrupted it, before I got a chance, which is not how it normally happens. It's normally like "Hey, go read this and tell me what you think of suchandsuch as a pairing" and this is an entirely new world to me... No allusion to the books intended... And... I'm babbling. Your fic took a perfectly articulate girl and befuddled her brain and made her babble. That's how good this fic is. I absolutely love it. Definitely a favorite. Maybe a favorite author too, because I just LOVE the way you write Christopher... and David. Yes. Favorite author too. Well. Thanks!
11/30/2007 c1 14A Fool With Hot Chocolate
Reading this seriously made my day. It's funny and it actually makes sense (in an odd, semi-disturbing kind of way that makes me want to giggle hysterically). So it's been added to my favorites, and I do believe that I will go check out your other stories.
11/23/2007 c1 13DerangedxandxSarcastic
hehehehe! I love it! yay for Hogwarts and Everworld!

11/21/2007 c1 21Determined
Omg, the best hag ever line was awesome.
10/1/2007 c1 7dimestoredramatic
This is FANTASTIC, I loved it!
9/21/2007 c1 3Kittiquin
oh my god. This is... awesome. Awesomely awesome. Everworld x Potter is surprisingly good, though it sounds odd. Maybe because I don't think it's ever been done before. As always, your writing of Christopher is masterful (and entertaining).

I love the thought of Jalil taking notes in Divination too. He'd never give up, even on that subject.

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