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for A Vacation Can Change Your Life

11/14/2009 c21 allan548
please up date soon
6/6/2009 c21 1WordLifeCeNa
4/17/2008 c21 semiyapayasam
great chapter! update soon! :D
3/3/2008 c21 20Pinayprincesa
This is Cute! hope Trev explains everything to them ^_^
3/2/2008 c21 Vannahgirl
Ok, loving the story! Keep writing please!
3/2/2008 c21 13tophersmommy06
uh im loving this story its awesome!
1/16/2008 c17 tophersmommy06
great chapters hopefully they are together! update soon!
11/21/2007 c12 1RollinsInTheDean
this story is awesome keep going
11/21/2007 c12 allan548
it's a great story i have a great name for the storie call it the vaction that canged my life
11/21/2007 c12 13tophersmommy06
aw how sweet this is awesome im supposed to be cleaning but i had to read this chapter lol
11/20/2007 c11 4Brittany Rose Love
aw babies!
11/20/2007 c11 1Ctinaisfashion
OMG i cant believe all this time and randy doesnt know about his own kids
11/17/2007 c10 9Fallen1987
I love this story it is so great. Please Please update soon!I love it
11/17/2007 c9 jcena'sgirl557744
i like this story and the format doesnt matter to me as long as its easy yo understand
11/11/2007 c8 Fallen1987
dude i am loving this story. please update soon.
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