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7/23/2009 c1 16Crazy PurpleSage
For a poem I like how much of a story it was. I like the style!
10/13/2007 c1 3Val Skia
^.^ I enjoyed this much more than the other one you did, your first one. Way to go fishie!

-line questioning-

My innocent kitsune.

Everything about him changes me,

-my suggestion-

My innocent Kitsune. (capital because you're talking about a certain one, not just in general)

Everything about him charms me,-charms instead of changes, it isn't clear how Naruto 'changed' him. Charm or entice, I think it works better that way. But it could just be me...


Nice. Maybe you'll do a follow up poem? With maybe yaoi sexual hints in it...:P ^.6 Ja ne!
9/22/2007 c1 7Yaoi Trash Master
sopoo sad...yet soo cute at the same time~!
9/22/2007 c1 1ExplodingChickenOfDoom
YAY! ^_^ ItaNaru luff goodness! :3 Awesome, I love it.
9/22/2007 c1 20YaoiRocks
Aww, i found that quite cute o.o And romantic X3

:P ITANARU! X3 me loves it!

Anyways...when the next poem gonna be written?

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