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for Fear's Flames

5/28/2015 c5 ManonVarendaz
I really enjoy this story so far. So I will keep my eye on this to see where this is going. Please don't give up on it. Thank you for sharing your story
5/1/2014 c5 Guest
Great story! You have a very good beginning to it! Why don't you finish it?
pure. mind-blowing. AWESOMENESS!
1/17/2011 c5 1thelegendarytrollwagon
please update! it's a great story!
8/21/2010 c5 16S.Legossi
I'm liking it. More please?
12/25/2009 c5 3ireneayu
oh c'mon.. what's next? please update.. i'm so curious :) great story.
8/14/2009 c5 1BreGyrl23
hurry up with chapter 6 on fear's flames !
9/10/2008 c5 6ahbuggrit
Zuko is always of the reasons I love him...

Awesome chapter! Poor Iroh, I feel really sorry for him.=(

I love the Zuko/Katara interaction in this chapter! Fabulously well written, although Zuko probably wouldn't have felt bad that quickly. Everything else was great!

9/10/2008 c4 ahbuggrit
YAY! are Mai and Zuko broken up now? Please say yes!

Uh... a rescue plan... Have Aang create a diversion, like attacking the fire nation palace, while Toph and Sokka rescue Katara... after Toph has scouted the place for blueprints, using earth-bending or posing as a servant? Just an idea, although not the greatest...

9/10/2008 c3 ahbuggrit
Jeez... poor Katara's been unconcious for most of this chapter.

Great OC by the way. ZUTARA FOREVER!

9/10/2008 c2 ahbuggrit
I like Mai as a character but... SHE'S NOT RIGHT FOR ZUKO!

As you can tell, it's a touchy subject=) I really liked the fact that Zuko has feelings for Mai... Seems to improve the fic...

9/10/2008 c1 ahbuggrit
YAY! ZUTARA! You rock for that alone...

Not to mind the awesome first chapter! I can't wait to read the rest!

4/21/2008 c5 3maluka
yay! you updated! i really liked this chapter. FINALLY! zutara action. i am so so happy! i cant wait for the next chpater! update soon!

4/20/2008 c5 EndlessBlack
wow, i thought zuko was really gonna do it. i loved this chapter can't wait for the next update!
4/20/2008 c5 6NorthernLights25
Please update soon!
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