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for Doug's Worst Halloween

9/8/2020 c1 Wu-hooFluCrew
LMAO dis da craziest fan fic I've read.
8/25/2019 c1 Batfink
You know, there was honestly something so magical about this work of fiction! A very enjoyable read!
6/3/2018 c1 Chloe
3/29/2015 c1 Sean
do you have something against Doug and worst ending ever!
3/20/2015 c1 124Super Fanfic Entertainment
Good one!
3/24/2014 c1 31GGMK
Poor Doug. That's one nasty Halloween!
2/21/2013 c1 1Clarkieexsmiley
Robot Chicken...Pretty Legit :p
10/26/2011 c1 1Sailor Pluto
What a bizzaro Halloween. Yay I cannot wait for Halloween. More so who the fuck names their own kid Chalky? Its like kill your kid now.

Good story.

Your Favorite Guardian Of Time! Sailor Pluto
7/7/2011 c1 Neon
Robot Chicken reference for the win mate! Good story.
3/2/2011 c1 7Taylor Divine
That was really disturbing.And bad.And dumb.
10/11/2010 c1 25Tears of Deathwishxxx
I lol'd. Hard.
4/25/2008 c1 10Freebird87
Oh yeah, and the scout master that molested Roger was in fact, Mr. Dink.
12/30/2007 c1 64Jemascola
Nice story!
9/26/2007 c1 Azerbaijan
So much happened in that 700 word bundle of joy that I had no time to kill myself so I can never read your writing again.
9/25/2007 c1 79SunRise19
*laughs* that was funny! Where do you come up with this stuff? XD awesome!

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