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2/7/2010 c8 BlackRose1616
Ok, so I was going to review every chapter, but I got lazy and just decided to review it all at once. I like it all, i mean, some parts were sort of boring, but for the most part it was great! I have no clue what else to say right now, but keep on writing!
9/30/2009 c8 Kat the Kalamity Kamel
...Needless to say, if this is horrible, then my writing is... erm... can't think of good analogy... ok, fine: horrible-er! I'm jealous... *emo corner*


PS: Could you please join me in my effort to force Hero to update again? My plan involves duct tape of you color choosing... :D
2/23/2008 c7 3Flufferbunny37
where r the "friends" u mentioned in the summary? if she's escaping...what, will they ambush her and beg her to take them with her or something?

2/11/2008 c6 9Hero Memory
I liked it. Your use of language is varied and seems profesional. Not to mention your use of humor!
2/11/2008 c6 3Flufferbunny37

hmm...deserving of revenge? idk...i think they all do, kinda...I KNOW! have them all stand in line and pay a quarter each to punch the director. u could get rich pretty fast that way...

YAYFULNESS! MAX! not that i care, cuz after all, it is ur story and u were kinda mean 2 me in the beginning...sob...pigeon is depressed...

11/24/2007 c5 alamodie
yay!somebody finaly quoted me (took them long enough)!thax fr updatin,awesome chap (again):short actualy.an btw;not a cliffie.no offense really really really, but chap was a little pointless, an y iz she stikn around, and where are all the mutants?a bit fuzzly i guess. dont mean to be rude or anything, really, seriously, just thot id point that out.

ps;sorry bout the long review,hope u get more motivational ones ;P
11/24/2007 c5 angelofdeath
this story is so cool
11/24/2007 c5 unknown
Hi! I hate endings like that, but I love the story. Dunno what else to say... Oh, yeah. Maybe they should call the whitecoats "Teachers" (since they call the lab "the School", and teachers ARE pretty evil, since they give homework). Keep writing please, since I can't put my stories on Fanfiction till I'm 13. *bursts into tears*
11/24/2007 c5 Flufferbunny37
well, i opened up ffn max ride, and lo and behold, this story was first on the list of updatey-type things! W00TETH! and it was good too!

hm...a name for the whitecoats...how about...the Teachers? since it's the school? and the experiments could be the Students? that was sucky...umm...the white labs? no that sounds like a dog...or a rapper...now THAT would be funny...a whitecoat rapper: "yo yo yo, i have a lab coat, i'm an evil mad scientist who experiments on goats..." wow. writing raps is fun! W00TETH! umm...that's pretty much it. i'll let u know if i come up with anything else (unlikely)

to lil' angel (if she's reading this): happy happy birthday!


ps i'm hungry. does anyone have ice cream?
11/24/2007 c5 lil'angel
i'm gonna have to go back and skim this story. i kinda lost track of what was happening. oh well.

as for something that they can call the white-coats...hm...i'm sorry, got nothin'. good update though!
11/13/2007 c4 alamodie
yay!u updated!really good!last chappie not crap!really good!update soon!last one took frever!laziness is one of the 7 dealy sins!yay!
11/12/2007 c4 8wild MAGIC user
PLEASE! update soon! it is really awesome, and all that jazz. keep going!
11/12/2007 c4 3Flufferbunny37
best line: "I began to copy her, always happy to hit something that was conveniently evil and nearby"

srsly. u should hear the "when i was ur age" speech. actually thats a weird al song. look it up on youtube or something. GO YOUTUBE!

the end

ps cuz i cant resist: hows ur honeypoo? uh-oh, running for life now...
11/11/2007 c4 6Captain Wolf
Yet again, more recap. As I said, I've kinda forgotten more than a few things about the book, but I remember the mob of kids that read Fang's blog.

Thanks to this cliffhanger, I now suspect the next chapter will be... interesting. Maybe Kia will finally get the heck outta there?

Update soon!
11/11/2007 c4 lil'angel
yea, bit of an understatement, Kia. very good descriptions. ur a very good writer, making it seem like this could be a real book.

because the little boxy thing at the bottom says to give a "well rounded critique", i have to say that it was easy to get distracted from ur update. it may just be the way i am, but there was a little too much description (although i said in this same review that the reviews were good). and yea, i know ur just trying to tell the story in STWAOES. and let me tell u, ur telling the story well.
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