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9/1/2010 c1 48Zuvios Gemini
-punches Jade- STFU, creeper!
7/11/2008 c1 41Apple Fairy
So short, but so cute! I liked it! x3

Ah, but...there were mistakes. Sorry, hun, but criticism is the best thing one can give to a writer! ^_^;;

Okay, so it all sorta sounded bland. Maybe you could elaborate on things, like explain things more? It was short, but then again, there's no way around it. So it's okay if it was short. :3

Ah, and when you wrote, '...until I felt a strong pair of arms rap around me' it's 'wrap'. I also read my stories outloud to myself before posting them (Alone, I might add!). It catches a lot of mistakes! =D

Other than that, it was a very cute plot. Good luck with your future stories! :3

-Apple Fairy
12/30/2007 c1 4MizuTsuki17
aww love it!
12/29/2007 c1 Zenagi
Truly a rousing experience, I question though, the fact that you failed to take in account the fact that Guy is Luke's Servant. But, all in all, I think that would have blotted the overall effect of this writing. Again, a magnificent experience to read.
11/23/2007 c1 5Nammyeee
'Damn Jade' xD

I like it! ~_^

Adorable *o*

GuyLuke rulez xDD
10/3/2007 c1 5Yumi Asuka
yay! GuyLuke. i love them together!

i saw you had no reviews and was kinda thinking people suck. if i'd noticed this fic when you first published it i woulda reviewed then!

i'm working on an Abyss fic. but i keep thinking i don't remember enough from the game so i keep playing it. or maybe that's just an excuse ^^

well i loved this little oneshot. especially Luke's reaction. so cute he gave Guy a hickey!

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