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10/10/2009 c1 ShadowCub
This is too sad, hope you update one day.
10/20/2008 c1 1Tomari-chan
Can't wait to read more! I only wish I understood spanish so that I could read more of your stories!
9/18/2008 c1 1Yuki no Kurai
You'd better not stop it there. If you do, I'll...um, do something really bad! , I don't know what yet, but I will!
7/23/2008 c1 16Obsessivetoapoint
aw its so sweet. please continue!

10/21/2007 c1 Akira
Ah, so here's the other one. A little short, but, short and simple is good sometimes ^^ By the way, it's "shiawase" =) Update soon =D

Until then,

9/30/2007 c1 NanoFate
Oh yes, please dont end it here. It has to have a good happy and sweet ending or I'll *pout* again.

Seems like this story happens during the StrikerS series but for Nanoha to get hurt and fall, I cant see where its coming from. It fits the title tho, but exploring that area would be nice so its understood where this story is based on.
9/29/2007 c1 Kirika
It's so sad ... T.T

And it's short, but beautiful ... . I don't want read a story like that, I'm too sensitive ... But your work is great ^^
9/29/2007 c1 OIHXVLCKN
Hah...Great to see one in Nanoha's...

I really liked this one. You keep it up!

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