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for You're the Closest to Heaven That I've Ever Been

7/24/2011 c1 46Shu of the Wind
Oi! Where'd it go? XD

Please update it soon? I want to read your work.
6/5/2011 c1 robertgrimm
Wow. That was really good. Sad, but good, and somewhat romantic all in one. I really liked this.
12/25/2008 c1 6Strawberry Flames
:D I likes this very much. cute! *girly moment*
12/20/2007 c1 10Jade Limill
Wow! That was a great story! (And so like Itachi to kill her if she didn't come).

It's a great concept, you should expand on it! You could use this as a prologue, and write a backstory about how they got together or something.

By the way, thank you for adding my story to your favorites!

11/10/2007 c1 2xX-UltraEMo-Xx
Hey there Kairai!

Love the story,there was an awesome twist to it! Can you review my story please?

Oh, and thankyou for letting me be on your authors alert AND favorite list! It means so much!

And another thing, before I forget, did you see your coment on that 'I'm Back' note?

Yeah that was my way of saying thank you!Ok, I don't want to make this long, so how do I end this? Oh yeah! BYE!

11/6/2007 c1 3gaara'sonmymind
(I always read people's stories who add me to author alert or whatever!) I liked it, and you know what? It should deserve more than this just one chapter! It deserves much more than that! It has great potential, and you should defiantly write more about it. Anyway, along the way, i saw very few little grammar and spelling errors that always can be fixed with a double check.

Anyway, if you decide to update just PM me about it or something!

Anyway, thank you for putting me on author alert! Also, please review my stories sometime (especially Before the Snow Falls! I need reviews so bad for that story! -tears-) and if you review my stories, i review yours! Hehe! (You might of already reviewed something else of mine...somewhere! XD)
11/3/2007 c1 20Acacia Eastbramble
Cute... Depressing but cute... I liked it, keep it up and btw thanks for favoriting me!
10/18/2007 c1 haipa-chan
i like it alot it was kinda sad and short so it added to the drama or whatever.

9/30/2007 c1 1TwistedCyberChick
Though Itachi seems OOC, I liked the way you expressed his reaction to Mori's rejection. A parting gift to ease her passing... A sad concept, really.

Keep writing whatever stories you can think of. The more we write, the better we get at it, just like anything else.

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