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11/27/2020 c1 Guest
The one thing I can't agree with is Chris attacking Leo physically like that. It's very out of character and over the top. I can't say it's not satisfying, though, in a way. #lol
7/13/2020 c24 Guest
The thing is, even if the Elders put a spell on Leo to not care about Chris, they didn't make him treat Chris badly. What kind of a person treats any kid that way, even if they don't like them?
1/8/2020 c6 Guest
Where did Leo get the bandages from to bandage up Chris? I don’t imagine the tribunal chamber has them in stock.
1/8/2020 c1 Guest
Remiss means lacking care. You wrote “ though just a moment before Chris’ eyes had been filled with hate and anger they were now completely remiss with sorrow and guilt” after punching Leo. I think you were trying to say that Chris felt guilty and was sorry that he attacked Leo. You should’ve stuck with Chris’ eyes were filled with guilt and sorrow. It would have sounded better and actually meant what you wanted it to.
9/20/2019 c32 Lunanimes
I really liked this story. It had a good reveal and plot. Thank you for writing this.
4/9/2018 c1 6dramatv
Omg I love ur story, especially the showing of the loves between mother and son AND father and son with Chris and Wyatt each! Very good plot
10/10/2017 c32 Guest
This is one of the few stories that provides a believable reason for why future!Leo would treat Chris the way he did. I've read this several times and enjoy it each time.
6/17/2016 c5 1shawnakat1
to your A/N at the bottom, I totally agree, I hated that in the show! plus in the episode where Leo breaks Chris out of jail, "right now I'm more worried about you, now come on you have an aunt to save" um, no. you seem more worried about saving his auntneeding his help to do it...
5/22/2016 c14 IAmCayj
I guess the time difference of three months could explain this-> but I really dont see chris being so ...calm with them. As long as he hasnt accomplished his goal of saving Wyatt, he will remain focused and that single minded focus makes him seem neurotic. This Chris is out of character in that way; he's all sentimental and emotional. Also, I keep waiting for Chris to do something realistic-as in snap on piper for example when she tells him what to do. He's gone years without her or anyone to look out for him; he'd be used to doing as he pleases. I dont think he'd take piper telling him what to do so easily even of she looked like she was about to cry. This is all must my personal opinion though
7/20/2015 c32 AJ Granger
I really liked this story. I enjoyed the changes, and the way it didn't completely follow the tv series. It was creative, and different, and I especially liked that it mentioned how things built up so that it wasn't quite one event, but the one event started a course of action that created the future. I will be sure to look for more of your work.
6/18/2015 c32 Alicia Mirza
It's Alicia Mirza (the last reviewer) again. I realized what I've left out from my previous all-in-one review: What I liked and didn't like in one was the lack of original characters. What I mean is it was weird for me how you for example always only said 'cousins'. I don't have any cousins (something I've always hated), but I think in a family like the Charmed Ones' they would be closer than that. Also, it was somehow strange to me that it was never stated who Phoebe or Paige married. I understand that as well, leaving it to the readers so no one stops reading the story because something so small like that, but for me it seemed like the future family of the Charmed Ones only consisted of Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Leo, Wyatt and Chris.
I know that this story focused on the relationship between Piper, Leo, Wyatt and Chris, but still, I found it strange how in the changed future for example he never thought what might have happened to his cousins if they even existed.
Anyways, I've just left this part out, having a hard time to remember everything I've wanted to say. :)
I still must say that I love this story no matter what :D

Alicia :)
6/18/2015 c32 53Alicia Mirza

One of the best stories I've ever read on this site. If it weren't for captions like 'Two days' I would have thought that I'm reading an actual book.
I liked how you tried to use canonical rules, but at the same time you made your own universe.
What I found weird that in Chris-crossed going forward in time was different and he didn't merge with himself, but then again I guess it can be explained, because there might have been a few demon less in that new future, but nothing changed which would have affacted Chris's memories.
I liked how you inclueded even Prue. Though, especially that part made me think: if it's so 'easy' to time travel and go back to a better future why didn't Piper and Phoebe do it to save Prue? I guess, it can be explained again, right after Season 3 not being experienced enough (after all Chris grew up learning magic) and then when Paige arrived the mess it would mean for the Power of Three, not to mention after Wyatt's birth how he might not even be born in the future, still. One would think that many more would 'play' with time.
I liked your portrayal of both Wyatts' and Chris was a very enjoyable character as well. I found it interesting how Dark!Wyatt wasn't really evil either, he was just in pain and wanted it to stop. The part where he trusted Chris to make everything right and went back to the future was one of (the many) favourite part. Also, I liked the powers that you gave to them. I especially liked how Chris gained Astral Projection and the power of healing. I always thought that every 'Witchlighter' could master it eventually. Good!Wyatt on the other hand was a tiny bit underpowered in my opinion. I'm lazy to go back to that part, but I think you haven't given him the power of Projection, which we know that he possess. (Baby Wyatt used it many times, such us summoning that dragon from the TV, and when they summon the good version of adult Wyatt in Season 7, he uses it as well.)
However, it was such an emotional story so beautifully written that I didn't care. I just loved all the interaction between the characters, how their relationships developed.
The Chamber idea was great, I especially liked how they used it again and again. I also found it great how the main antagonist was still Gideon. The whole 'Leo-was-under-a-spell' thing was a very good solution. It was always strange for me, Leo seemed like a perfect father in the series.
Also, good work for keeping up with all the time travel. It is always a confusing thing, so congrats for understanding your own universe.
What I've noticed with many Chris fic that the site has a problem and instead of Chris Elise is shown as one of the main characters on the list. I would try to change it, because it's harder to find your story this way, and I think many Chris fans (pretty much all Charmed fans) would love to read it (even if they don't know yet).
I'm sure that I will re-read the entire story again and again, and when I have more time then now, I will review every chapter, because I must say that this story deserve it.
Anyways, keep up the good work!

Alicia :)
5/24/2015 c32 brightflare
Excellent story!
10/12/2014 c32 130Dauphin Noire
There I'm sad. I didn't want it to end. Sigh... Now I will have to find something else to read... :) Thanks for sharing! :D
10/12/2014 c31 Dauphin Noire
Happy ending in sight! :D Happy!
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