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for Kabuto's Revenge

5/18/2009 c2 4GreatBigCranberries
So random. I like how Sasuke just woke up to find everyone else asleep. Oh the craziness.
5/18/2009 c1 GreatBigCranberries
Wow. This is weird. Funny, but weird. As I read it I just can't help picturing all of the characters as cheesy actors dressed up like everyone from Naruto, and overacting to the point of hilarity.

"First you kill Lord Orochimaru, and now you make fun of me?" lol, the best line! XD
8/6/2008 c2 3Lady Barbossa329
Getting an Akatsuki ring sounds cool! Great story! I couldn't stop laughing!
8/6/2008 c1 Lady Barbossa329
It didn't bore me. I thought it was really funny! Love the parady. In my opinion, Sasuke and Haku would make a good team.
8/5/2008 c2 darkknight'smagic
lol's all good i am going to go get that akatsuki ring and ware to school and every ware i go.i hope you get sarcasime.
8/5/2008 c1 darkknight'smagic
Hi,loved the story.m..we both were born in march but me onthe 9th and in tell me how good is wolf's rain?(long i know but not really if you thing of it).
1/18/2008 c2 7Ray Kamaura
This is the funnest thing i ever read ROTFLMAO
10/25/2007 c2 2Singer Salvage
oh god! XD wow! that was funny
10/21/2007 c2 18Blondi89
Better chapter, funnier too. It's short but you didn't leave any loose ends and heck, I enjoyed it!

P.S. Can't believe you used my line! It makes me feel so special.
10/3/2007 c1 Blondi89
Hey Kiba!

I was so happy when I got the alert that your story was up. It's turning out good. I like how you made Sasuke and Haku friends. Makes it more original. Now, will the next chapter reveal how they became friends?

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