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for Lelouch of Britannia

2/18 c29 1XBOY40
Well, I can only hope that you will come back and resume this amazing story.
11/21/2020 c29 TribeOrBas
Fuck...I'm at the end...im sad now
10/26/2020 c29 Thomas MCF
this is a gem absolute gem .
please come back to this sorey if you ever get time or motivation it is awesome thank you for writing this.
6/25/2020 c25 16bauers374
I'm wondering if the Can was based on the reporter throwing his shoe at Bush?
6/25/2020 c21 bauers374
"I read your report on Solid State energy propulsion. I found your work very promising"

Is he also a huge fan of how she loses control and turns into an enormass Green Rage monster...
6/25/2020 c21 bauers374
I Don't know why, but as a semi-amature Military Historian, I'm getting urges to verbally dress down Lloyd, (even though he's one of my favorite Character Types)...

But then again, Brittania does seem like a nation that would prefer to make designs that are a lot more complicated, in smaller numbers, than Easy to repair and Easy to Build Designs..
6/25/2020 c15 bauers374
This Chapter basically was able to predict Tony's death in Endgame almost nine years in advance
6/24/2020 c15 bauers374
I'm a bit disapointed he didn't respond with the classic response to surrender Requests...

6/24/2020 c10 bauers374
"It is an honor, but I'd rather they sent me 40 more Knightmares instead"

I understood that reference
6/24/2020 c7 bauers374
I feel like this Speech was Heavily inspired by the opening to Patton
6/24/2020 c5 bauers374
Wait Villeta..

Does she live on Vondal Street and did she used to be married...

(It's a reference to this one anime clip, where This Dude makes a rape threat and then decides, 'I sure get sick of playing the good guy'
6/24/2020 c3 bauers374
It's Actually just Santa Claus.. You don't add the E unless you're talking about the Tim Allen Trilogy of films
5/30/2020 c29 xfel
NOooooo it ends just as the action really begins!

I have to say I was iffy about this story at first, the beginning was rather slow and it took a long time to get into familiar territory. However, I read on and don't regret it a single bit! There were many great moments, some really good things done in the serious moments, and also some hilarious passages (Lloyd's dream) to balance it out.

Also, good job on that "insurance policy" in the last chapter. I definetely didn't expect that.
5/30/2020 c21 xfel
Lloyd's dream deserves a price!
5/2/2020 c29 15Arienna Natalitha
T.T this is such a good AU CG fanfic I cried when I first found it. Just when Lulu is going to meet CC! Aaaaaahhhh I know it's a long shot from 2014 to 2020 and a lot have happened since then, but... it would be a heaven sent if this story were to continue. But, like I sais, a lot might have happened (and is still happening right now), so I can only wish and you are the one to decide.

This fic will be the ones I'm getting back to whenever I feel a pang of Lelouch as a Britannian Prince hits me!
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