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7/9 c29 Jose4Andres7
Will you continue with the story?
7/5 c23 ssahu72731
Nina is gonna be OBSESSED with Lelouch wouldn't she?
1/22 c26 5MagicalPhoenix12
First off thank you for killing off that bastard, plus I'm glad zero's here.
Now, about the English-japanese translation request. You know I should have worked harder on my japanese when I was at it, but now I don't have the time and though I do know a large number of people who could accomplish the task I have be dead inactive on any of social media for a while.
But with how good this story is, I'm sure you'll be able to find a translator soon.
1/22 c21 MagicalPhoenix12
I laughed so much during that sequence with Suzaku and Lloyd I almost aroused suspicion that i was doing something else doing ym chemistry class, but it was fun.
I am liking this fic more and more each passing hoir, and wish you good luck with law school, so that by the time i catch up to the latest chapter you have managed to average out your grades to good, or preferably, great, so that you can write more and more chapters for us.
1/21 c17 MagicalPhoenix12
Music happens to be a rather important part of this young lady too, who has miraculously escaped the fate of the happiest death.
My favourite peice is "The Second Waltz by Dimitri Shostakovich" ( say, why're Russians so good at writing music?). I also like Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Saint Saens, Fritz Kreisler, Beethoven, Joe Hisaishi, Kohta Yamamoto, and ig too many more to list here.
And I just realised how this story has the most reviews of any story I've yet read, and am pleased to say it absolutely deserves every single review.
Let's hope our to-be Emperor Supreme Lelouch vi Brittania fares well in the matters of administration and command, and even more so in the matters of heart and head.
Also, it'd be rather nice to see Nunally and Euphemia play some music for Lelouch.
After reading much of Lelouch's achievements I feel highly inadequate given our proximity of age, but again lelouch is lelouch and I'm still a year younger so who knows?
1/21 c15 MagicalPhoenix12
Damn this hurt. I was expecting a miraculous escape from death till the very last minute, but you know this hard descision paid off.
You proved how we care for your OCs as we care for the canon characters.
1/21 c10 MagicalPhoenix12
You've stolen a young maiden's sleep since though I wish to sleep I also wish to read more and have this decided to finish all 29 chapters before I go to bed.
But I tell you it's a very cruel thing to do indeed, to write so good that reader is as good as geassed into Rwanda till the very end rather than sleep for even four hours.
1/21 c8 MagicalPhoenix12
I had a very happy Christmas indeed and am presently enjoying this rather delightful piece of fiction which U beg you give more time since I see a brilliant blaze of of potential in these first few springs of the fire.
12/18/2021 c29 7supersaiyangoku065768
I just finished reading this story and I gotta say it: bravo! I was a bit skeptical about this story at first. There wasn't much for me to attach to in the first handful of chapters and sometimes it felt like there were too many unneeded details, but then it really came into it's own. Like, I for one, will definitely be taking cues from this story when I write high-class/political characters.

One of my personal favorite parts of this was how you tackled Kewel's death. I was overtly a fan of him for most of this until the last couple of chapters before his demise. But when he was about to die and began lamenting his situation it broke me T-T

Every situation between Lelouch and Kallen is a treat. The way Kallen tries figuring Lelouch out feels almost exactly like the canon in the best way.

Also, I'm very intrigued by the whole Milly situation.

One thing I gotta ask though, will we see more from Jeremiah? I kinda miss that ol dumb lug.

But yeah, great job with this, best of luck to your future endeavors, and keep being awesome!
11/14/2021 c22 raymond21
I think kallen father is not abusive as in this story'. I think kallen father is a decent man. He married Kallen mother even thought Britannia adopt Britannia supremacy. He even got away from home and never seeing again in the series. I think his father cannot see the woman he loves becomes a maid in his own house and that is why he always in bussiness trip. For an unworked woman like kallens mother,their family life is comfortable as they can have a proper house and have vacation. I think kallens father is the one who takes to photo because family trip is always family,not have a friend to be vacation with
8/21/2021 c29 Vandeta V Veszaliusz
Nextttttttt bosssss
7/12/2021 c25 6CamTheThief
Ah, Lelouch’s inability to think tragically continues. You would think he’d be loath to dismiss Kallen as a terrorist suspect when her brother was a KNOWN LEADER OF A TERRORIST CELL. Still an otherwise flawless story aside from Lelouch’s and Kallen’s dynamic.
7/12/2021 c24 CamTheThief
I know this work has long since been abandoned, but even with the edits I can assure you that your slapstick routine went too far. I still laughed quite a bit at the absurdity of it all, but it was soooooooo OOC I can’t even fathom how you thought it fit in with the rest of this story. Especially on the heels of the dinner party in which politics became a point of discussion and Kallen revealed her own separate opinions from the rest of the table. Lelouch never showed true ignorance in canon to the advances of women, but rather seemed to deliberately distance himself from them. Regardless though, even if we assume Lelouch is naive when it comes to romantic interest, sex, and all subjects in between - it’s dumb to have him suddenly lose his ability to gauge people. The den of vipers that is the Royal Family and politics have taught him better. Your desire for slapstick and a bit of erotic imagery caused you to forget that Lelouch is far more intelligent than this scene showed, and that he would see Kallen as a member of the aristocracy that he’d be navigating his entire life - the same aristocracy that had tried to have him assassinated just a few months prior. Excellent story but a fucking stupid chapter. Again, I did laugh, but this chapter was awful.
7/11/2021 c29 Seta88
It's really to bad this story was never continued. I like the detail you give all characters, that is rare enough. The whole read was enjoyable and now I wish you had continued it. The story is a real gem compared to others, it's world building, all the little interaction between the characters and how you portray the characters. I mean it's a Lelouch story, but the way you show all the different characters is what I love about this story, from Kewell to Villetta, Dalton to Claudio and not to forget the scene between Suzaku and Lloyd that made me laugh loudly. You learn care from the most minor character to the main character for all of them, would love to know if you completed your own story that you told us about in the AN.
7/8/2021 c1 Guest
Can we just appreciate how Favs are 5000 and follows are 4444?
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