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for Lelouch of Britannia

2/25/2017 c8 20thepkrmgc
nice job writing the war, i like how you mix the big picture with the small
2/25/2017 c7 thepkrmgc
if lelouch is taking patton as an inspiration then he cant be too far wrong, frankly, I would take a tank over a robot suit any day
2/25/2017 c6 thepkrmgc
I wonder how lelouch will adapt to battlefield command, he might be a genius, but his command skills are limited to the armchair variety for now
2/25/2017 c5 thepkrmgc
nice job on the worldbuilding, i wonder if lelouch is happier in this AU, or if his status has done him no favors
2/25/2017 c4 thepkrmgc
you do a great job of showing how lelouch presents a strong front despite the trying times
2/25/2017 c3 thepkrmgc
hopefully they can maintain a friendship despite the distance between them
2/25/2017 c2 thepkrmgc
he still seems to be walking a dark path, but at least he wont be wholly alone along the way
2/25/2017 c1 thepkrmgc
interesting start, it should be cool to see the path of a prince who could swallow his pride
2/10/2017 c29 Scrapper123
Really hope that the fic isn't dead! It's the best one I've read so far and I was scared when I saw it hasn't been updated in 2 years ):
2/4/2017 c18 1taeyeonjjang
I'm never in a habit to leave a review, but this is definitely an exception. I don't know whether you are still going to continue this story or not, but it was really a pleasure to read. My standard was set so high after reading this story that nothing else could satisfy my craving for a good fanfic. I love the dynamic between Lelouch and his family. It just makes my hurt warm knowing that there's someone that care so much for him. Great work!
2/2/2017 c29 ilidio13
Oh damn, not the best chapter to stop and go to hiatus. I hope you can continue this one day.
2/1/2017 c16 ilidio13
Finally got the time to read this story. I love it. I specially like the war reports and the way minor characters are highlighted. RIP Kewel. You've made him important for me to care. Congratulations. It's a shame this fic is not updated in years but I guess I will keep enjoying what has been posted so far. Anyway, thank you for publish this wonderful AU fic.
1/11/2017 c26 8Greghero
You easter-egging, background creating fraud. This was zero? You are cteating another zero!?
1/11/2017 c23 Greghero
I want to read the first book actually, tempted to complete that? Maybe in the process continue this one too? What do you say?
1/6/2017 c29 Halkegenia
This story is in desperate need of updating.
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