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2/22/2016 c29 3Iamwhononofyouare
Excellent stuff. I hope you update someday soon, but ultimately life comes first and FF second, third, or even farther down the list.

Gl, and here's to hoping I see chapter 30, selfish brat that I am.
2/22/2016 c27 Iamwhononofyouare
I love how you threw out that not-so-subtle reference to every butler EVER being named Sebastian. It's insane. Also loved the very end, Clovis is hilarious.
2/21/2016 c15 Iamwhononofyouare
Well, I for one can appreciate tragedy. You built up Kewell into a likable character, and then gave him an emotional end. Bravo.
2/15/2016 c29 Lanzador
Where are you Cal? I miss you.
1/29/2016 c29 Sakuramsm
It's been more than a year... Please come back...
1/24/2016 c29 103Above the Winter Moonlight
This is getting to be really really good but it's been almost two years since you last updated. Are you planning on continuing this story? I really, really hope so as that would be awesome since I definitely want to see what happens next, especially in regards to C.C. Does this mean that Lelouch might end up getting a Geass after all? Hmm. Well, either way, I'll be keeping an eye on this story in case you do end up updating soon.
1/7/2016 c27 HanSomPa
12/17/2015 c29 Reads-by-Lamplight
Hey I just want to say that this is easily one of my favorite stories on this site and that I hope you resume writing it at some point. It doesn't have to be today or tomorrow or even a week from now but I firmly believe that some day in the future you will finish telling us the story of the Black Prince.
12/16/2015 c29 MadeInHere
That was enjoyable. Nice to see a well written story but your lack of updates is worrying. Maybe ill stay for the ride.
12/1/2015 c29 8terrapin01
Profile last updated? 11 months ago.

C.C. is so close to being introduced! It can't stop here! Noooooo!
11/15/2015 c29 Fredrick Bismarck
I understand the need for him to undertake the mission. High degree of discretion is need for something like this. I am more convinced of geass existing. I was wondering if you would omit this fantastical element and focus on the military and normal life aspects. The amalgamation of American and British cultural references is a strange, even more modern ones are used. It's hard to think of how they fit into this world. I really enjoyed the action and KMF battles after sometime without. I look forward to another update. It's been quite some time.
11/15/2015 c28 Fredrick Bismarck
Even if he takes reasonable measures, Lelouch needs to tone down the ego and smugness toward women. Here is another example with villetta. I did like the reference to her coach identity in the new reality at the beginning of the second season. The geass order and the whole philosophy behind it was always a source of confusion for me. It seemed Clovis and schnitzel were involved at least in the Code R project but did not know about the activities of the order. And C.C. being used by Code R didn't make sense. Why was she there? Against her will? Previous director of the order? But she was in league to some degree with V.V. and lelouch's mother? But she still helped lelouch? Has the research been changed? Does geass not exist with this 'C' reference? Misleading? V.V. still responsible for his mother's death? What do his brothers know and are hiding? What is lelouch's mission? Why him? Lastly, oh Lloyd. Insensitive as ever.
11/14/2015 c27 Fredrick Bismarck
Stating his true opinion but passing it off as a joke? I am iron man. I'm batman. Hah. The dream with his father the emperor suggest possible use of geass? Memory altered? Come on now, does geass existing? Does the emperor have a grand plan for the world and human consciousness? I forgot about this battle in canon. Could have major implications with no black knights and Lelouch there?
11/14/2015 c26 Fredrick Bismarck
I don't know how I feel about the zero suit. If this is truly an alternate timeline, then the happenstance of a secret project for covert operations technology sharing a name of the terrorist zero seems a little too clean. I get that giving the symbolic image of zero in a new role is something that might be introduced. Now that lelouch isn't part of dialogue about the merit of working outside the system, is darlton taking up that position? Will this take away from lelouch's story and the building of his legend? Maybe he will work both sides instead given this development? Lelouch does give more evidence to his own goals - intending to protect the weak by becoming strong to prey on the predators. More intention toward a better world than revenge? What about the fantastical and more philosophical/mystical elements of geass powers?
11/14/2015 c25 Fredrick Bismarck
It is strange. The one thing about this alternate timeline is it doesn't play with the dialogue and debate over the merit of revolution vs working with in the system to change hearts and minds. And how both paths can corrupt and lead one to do unthinkable acts. Lelouch is on a similar track as suzaku, but with less noble leanings. He acquires prestige for the sake of gaining power, gaining power within the system and turning it on its head, while suzaku still wishes to change hearts out and minds, to show that elevens are worth respecting to the point where the system is willing to change. It's the mindset that's different, so there is a contrast still. It's also good to see that he still has great intuition and still questions kallen's motives, not settle for that ego driven conclusion of last chapter. Kallen seems to start to see a glimmer of something different in him too but it's hard to tell about him for me as a reader as well. Is she just a passing fancy? Is he pragmatist using kindness as a tool or a philanthropist only acting Machiavellian? That line from kewell seems to have defined, at least for me, my questions surrounding Lelouch and one of the great themes so far. After this business with kallen, I would lean toward the latter. It's still vague to me with his cooperation and justification with much of the Britannian system, button this story, I would really like to believe he started out better and less angry and selfish but still driven for change. Though, he wasn't magnanimous about his act of kindness but rather arrogant at first. He seems to truly care for his subordinates and those loyal to him, but does he have any true sympathy for the oppressed people as a whole? He hates his father's methods where the innocent are casted aside like his sister would have been, but can he extent that belief to the numbers. I believe it was only later in canon that he comes to truly care for the world at large. He always struggled with his individual selfish desires for revenge when it didn't quite line up with what he preached. But here he seems the more the dutiful commander, less selfish mindset, and caring for his subordinates, while not as desperate, but still seeking a change in the status quo. Where is he in his think at this point? Sorry for the rant. Brilliant work.
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