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5/5/2015 c5 illuminio
"Fit for Frenchman's palate."

Wow. Really, wow. While writing a good story... You just keep making mistakes in the most basic concepts.

France is not a part of the Empire (Paris us the capital of EU). Considering overall chauvinism and arrogance of a regular Britannian noble and casual disregard of non-Empireal cultures seen in the series, I believe such words will bring immediate execution on the spot! (Not really. But consequences will still be severe.) The chief - if he is really french - cannot be employed in the royal entourage, if he is prone to proclaiming the superiority of french cousine. He isn't even a Number, for goodness' sake!

That's Britannia for you.

PS Also, football match. What a spectacular way to waste a potential. (*-*)
5/5/2015 c4 illuminio
"...And protect those who were powerless to protect themselves."

This. This bit is Very Wrong. It contradicts the most important principle of the Empire - "survival of the fittest". The Knights are supposed to embody this idea, not spit on it!

The reasons of his pledge are numerous - loyalty to the Crown, to Lady Marianne, broken honor or the force of Lelouch's charisma (yeah, right) - but pity or respect to the weak are none of them.

It's simply the way Brittanians are raised to live.
4/28/2015 c15 miguce
Damn it man! Killing Kewell was totally unnecessary!
4/25/2015 c29 5NightFall57
The first thing I read in this story was the really imaginative text you start every chapter with. As I kept reading this story, it hit me, you are the best writer I have ever stumbled across on this site. This story is an absolute masterpiece, usually writers inch to canon even in an AU, but you don't, you create your own plot, and it's amazing to read. You capture war and strife perfectly. If I had to recommend this story to anyone, I wouldn't be able to oversell it. And all these reasons perfectly sum up why I am rather hopeless, since it seems you are not continuing this story, and that saddens me, to see the best story I ever came across inactive. I hope you continue writing, and we all get to read more of this extraordinarily, insanely well-written story.

UltimoFear Out!
4/22/2015 c29 Guest
Really hope you pick this up and finish it
4/22/2015 c11 Guest
GAH I love your take on LL and CG
4/21/2015 c3 Guest
I'm rereading this epic peice. It was one of the first few CG fanfics I read
4/7/2015 c21 JumpingToaster
Huh. I just realized. In this world Suzaku met the Cecile and Lloyd as Spinzaku.
4/2/2015 c29 2schoolme23
The things that I read online about how great this story is didn't really do justice to the real thing. The way you portray the characters from the opposite perspective of the anime is utter brilliance. Just about everyone still has the same feel as their canon counterparts, and the ones that don't were the minor villains that never got depth in the first place. I love the fictional documents that intro each chapter. It's a nice touch that sucks the reader intro the world, and it's fun spotting all of the Easter eggs and pop culture references you add in. Anyway, great work and I am eager to see where the story goes.
3/28/2015 c12 3Panazilla
It's a good story, but as a French, I can tell you that I never heard someone curse by saying "déverminage enfer", chapter 12. We would rather say "enfoiré" or "petit merdeux" to insult someone.

Anyway, Cursing in a foreign language is not something that is taught by teachers or given by Google translator ;)
3/25/2015 c29 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
3/22/2015 c29 KMF-G
Very nice story. But it is laden by too much "our world" history, like world wars, American military terms and so on. But over all very nice story.
3/18/2015 c29 Orrible Amroth
Really enjoying this story. Shame you didnt feel into it, but i can understand that: it is important to enjoy what you create. I personally love this story and I'm finding it a great alternate timeline to the series. Here's hoping for more in the near future
3/16/2015 c29 2hughfj08
I will be waiting for further updates.
It is only a shame your update speed is so appalling
2/19/2015 c29 Midnight5142
I really hope you haven't quit. I enjoy this story. It's good. Don't give up!
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