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10/28/2007 c5 Sangrill
Very nice chapter... And is this game a "replay" of the battle in the first series of the anime, or am I just seeng things?

PS. Lelouch keeps gaining a nice team: ex-Orange-kun, Cornelia, Viletta, Darlton... who's next? If he is going to "deal" with Japanese rebels, aside from other things... Poor Kallen...
10/28/2007 c5 DarkDesh
another great chapter. good job bringing lulu's gambling habit into play.
10/28/2007 c5 Kaisis
nice new chappie, and a timejump singifies that the plots shape gonna shape up faster
10/28/2007 c5 6Capito Celcior
Well, you give the good (read: cool) characters to aid Lelouch. I love it, I adore it. Both versions of Code Geass (This one and the original one) have plenty of intruige. But here you see it from the other point of view. Keep it up. 35/36 reviews for a story of Code Geass, which so far isn't the most popular topic, is an enormous achievement and speaks volumes of your writing talent. But it isn't so much the words you put on paper that keeps luring them in, it is the inteligence behind the story that does. It is a clever plot, with the right characters. This time the ones that opposed Lelouch Zero now help Lelouch Prince...well, not the Emperror, but...
10/27/2007 c5 NekoLulu
Its definitely an interesting fic so far. Out of curiousity, will you keep Lelouch's involvement with the Japanese guerrillas? As another question, have you considered using the political points from Gundam 00 such as Sri Lanka in your intros? No offense is meant, I simply think you could use them to create a very colourful world. Beyond that, please keep up the incredible work.
10/27/2007 c5 Lal Mirch
Great Chapter ! I never expected to be such a better (or even him directing football)
10/24/2007 c4 RiddleoftheDeep
Very nice read so far. Given how new this anime is, I have been very impressed with "some" of the fanfiction that has popped up, inclusive of this one, of course. I'm very interested to read more. Cheers.

10/24/2007 c1 they-call-me-sam
this looks pretty cool.

The language is definitely a few notches up from the normal ones.

But you have very lengthy sentences, they drag makes it boring to read.

Keep it short and to the point to maintain readers' interest, had I been any more tired I would have gone off to lala land.

And, remember to make use of paragraphs. It helps readers to soak up the information you have to offer more easily.

Good luck and keep writing. will stay tuned.
10/23/2007 c4 ed168
I believe that Lelouch's last name "Lamperouge" was faked so people won't know he was a prince. His mother would not have Lamperouge as her maiden name. Since this is an AU where he does not need to hide his identity then "Lamperouge" won't be used. Marianne was a recognized Queen so regardless of the court gossips and plotters, she would have been buried as a "vi Brittania" not her maiden name.
10/23/2007 c4 Capito Celcior
Short chapters. Obscure chapters. Dark chapters.

Brilliant. Clearly you yourself mush have read some of Faust or The Count of Monte Christo. Let Lelouch have his revenge. Let him gather strength.

I shall be here to see it happen. Please continue this.
10/19/2007 c4 Kaisis
Very good fic, probably the best in the Code Geass Section.

Nice touch having Orange-kun being Lelouch's first Knight, and exploring his first job which was revealed through the bonus DVDs. Hope you update soon.
10/17/2007 c1 Lavycia
Woah.. Your English is really good . The plot of the story seems intriguing
10/15/2007 c4 Luciel
That was amazing, I had no idea there was a Code Geass section, but I'm glad I found out 'cause I truly like your story.
10/12/2007 c4 12Shizumaru
Hi Cal, it's been a while, hasn't it.

This is really some marvelous work. I like how you delve into the situation and explore the details of how Lelouch is making his way through all the events, changed so slightly. It's quite intriguing indeed.

Looking forward to more, when you have the time and energy for it.
10/10/2007 c4 18LittleNK
"No matter; my life is yours to command until that day my debt to you is paid.” Oh, Orange-kun! Can't wait for next chapter!
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