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6/26/2018 c29 4aGreatLoudThump
With season three of Code Geass coming soon, I thought I might get back into the swing of things by reading some good CG fan fiction. And yours isn't just good, it's great!

Here's hoping you find writing fun again and bless us with some more chapters. (And a, um, tentacle monster? Such a blessing that would be XD)

And thanks for helping me get back into this fandom which I never really fell out of love with, but has been placed on the back burner for quite some time now. This has definitely helped to get my season three hype up to dangerous levels ;)

Take care!
6/19/2018 c29 3Hunter63
Ah, wish there was more.

Really enjoyed it.
6/13/2018 c25 Dianne060807
I really like the part where Nina becomes fanatical of lelouch. And she will develop weapons for him like the fleija.
6/8/2018 c1 Fenikkusumaru
Anywho, there was this time I hooked up with twins. Man, that time was awesome! Mayo and ketchup man. Mayo and ketchup. The thing they did with that toaster was... you folks should have been there to see it. Really more sexy than the psycho with the egg.
6/7/2018 c1 Fenikkusumaru
I let her sodomize me with a studded 12 inch dildo guys. Now THAT was quality sexy time.
6/7/2018 c29 Fenikkusumaru
I used to go out with a psycho; she was great fun but, she was a fucking lunatic. I'd basically wake up in the middle of the night to feel something fucking ice cold on my chest. What she'd decided on the middle of the night was that she felt horny so she got an egg out of the fridge and broke it on my chest thinking that were gonna have some sexy time. It was fucking ice cold I tell you, and I was all tucked up all warm and just snoozing away. I was in bliss. I can confirm guys, I can confirm it is not sexy. She got really pissed at me well because of course I went...…...


She didn't like that because she was of course in horny mode and was expecting me to go... hey baby, sexy egg...….
6/5/2018 c1 Klein
Wow, I did not seriously believe Spartan's tip would pay off :) Go him I guess :) We got you on our sights now Doom! And the rest of The Movement will be here soon as well!
6/5/2018 c3 8GoKey40th
Dude, I am not related to Adolf Hitler. Why would I? I’m not like him. It’s just Doom Marine 54 using me as a pawn. I’m sick of this. If you want me to change my name, ok. I’m not a troll. Here’s a fact. Trolls will lie, exaggerate and offend to get responses. That, is what a real troll like Doom Marine 54 would do. Another thing. I’m 13 years old. Doom is a real pedoplhie by doing this. And you are right. Everyone derserves freedom.
6/5/2018 c1 RealTokuJust123
Freedom is the right of all sentient beings Adalius.

My account was never a distraction or a hobby, it was a cocoon, and now I'm a changed man. You can take away my account, you may tarnish my name, but one thing you can't take away - I am TokuJust123.
6/5/2018 c2 8GoKey40th
Uh, dude. I am the REAL TokuJust123. I am not related to Hitler. No way. I’m not his descendant or anything. The only reason I went to is because I used my Facebook account. I’m not friends with Doom Marine 54. He is just trying to ruin my life.
6/5/2018 c1 RealTokuJust123
Good morning everyone, I am the real TokuJust123, and I am here to clarify that the two posts here were not made by me. It was made by Doom Marine 54 and his friend Adalius Hitler, another troll. I was trying ti do some good on this site when they decided to make fun of me and Adalius even hacked my account and is now trying to make me look like an insane person. Please do not trust them. They are trying to ruin this site. FakeTokuJust123 what you and your mentor Doom Marine 54 is doing is wrong.
6/5/2018 c1 8GoKey40th
To the fake TokuJust123 aka Doom Marine 54:
Geez, you don’t know when to quit do you? You said there are other Doom Marine 54s out there, but in truth you are the ONLY Doom Marine 54 out there. See. You have no morals about ruining people’s lives, do you? Trolls will always lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response. You think you’re perfect, but in truth, you’re just a joke. Basically, I have no problem, if you leave, Doom.
6/5/2018 c1 TokuJust123
I've been tasked with running a recruitment drive here. With the growing unrest in the country, it's only right for us to take it back for Americans. White Americans.

From the filth that pollutes it. Knowing that you're a massive f***, I've taken the liberty to tracking your home address. Get ready for us. Were coming for you. Believe this message at your own risk, because you're gonna die with the rest of the filth.

"I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities ... my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance ... everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?" - Adolf Hitler
5/19/2018 c29 reluctantuser
This is a very good story, it's sad you seem to have abandoned it (plz prove me wrong :-) ).

I like that you don't slavishly mark down the standard plot points, and also bring in humour without going overboard. I mean, it's ch. 29, and we're just now meeting CC, and the story is good because of it.

I'd actually like to see more of Luciano Bradley, master negotionator, achieving diplomatic victory over and over, getting more and more frustrated

It would be cool if you could piuck this up again at some time.

The person below me seems... welladjusted.
5/12/2018 c1 TDSD entertainer
Calling that mass of revolting sludge of yours a story is like calling a bucket of putrid, stinking, maggot-infested garbage a steak dinner. Like rotting garbage, there’s occasionally some recognizable trace of what it was supposed to be, which only makes the rest of that disgusting sack of offal posing as fanfic just so much worse. Then you have the utter gall to beg people to praise your efforts, as though you actually made some effort instead of just scribbling down your brain drool and contaminating the Net with it. Nobody with the intelligence of a body louse would pretend that was a story. In fact, I owe your lice an apology for saying that. I’ve had toenail fungus that was smarter than you. I’ve read better stories in random combinations of words made from old bills that have gone through the paper shredder. You would have to get smarter to become a drooling idiot. Whoever deluded you into believing you could write ought to be flogged. Not only do you expose unsuspecting readers to the foul mess of slaughterhouse waste you call a story, but you cry like the whiny little baby you are when people don’t tell you it’s the best story ever. I bet you’re crying right now. You’re an infected boil on the buttocks of fandom. Your momma curses herself daily for ever letting a stupid brat like you be born. I hope you someday have the decency to blow your own head off and put yourself out of our misery.

If you want to learn how to be a better author, check my account. You might learn something that will help you reach my level in 10 years.
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