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for Akira: Graveminds daugter

10/20/2019 c2 Guest
You have problems in your head to fix before writing anymore of this story. Seriously no human being should have to read this if all your going to do is give every character glistening eyes the size of bean bags. Kill yourself you peppermint cunt.
6/8/2019 c3 frankiebayer2002
can u plz countine this one
11/8/2012 c3 8flood grave
i took the story because i wanted you to continue but you put it up for adoption so if you want it back i let you have it or we can work together deal?
5/20/2012 c3 Black Ace 0
Adding to faves.

Please update this story.
12/22/2011 c3 Vampire emperor
if you do plan to continue this story may i sugjest if the crash sight must be in or around konaha try deep in the forst of death of if not try somewhere ferther away like near the border to suna or in the desert itself hope that helps with the wrieters block i look forward to see what comes of this story
10/25/2011 c2 4Cerberus Kyuubi
cant wait 4 the next 1
10/25/2011 c3 Cerberus Kyuubi
cant wait 4 the next on1
12/14/2010 c3 dragonrider666
did anybody adopt this story
6/13/2009 c2 He Who Spoke
well that was interesting
4/7/2008 c2 3shadowzerover5
So...planning to update soon?
2/19/2008 c2 5The Black Miroku
I have to say this is interesting, although the chapter's are short it makes up for it a little with the story, i'm looking forward to the the next chapter, Dinoboy...

The Black Miroku
12/17/2007 c1 3shadowzerover5
Interesting to say the least. I not thoroughly familiar with the story of Halo however this story has potential, update soon.
12/7/2007 c2 demoncreater2002
i cant wait for the next chapter.^_^ please post soon
11/25/2007 c2 TenWings
I hate you so much right now. update soon!
11/2/2007 c1 xyunaleska
Its Uzumaki! ^^ Sorry if i seem very harsh but when i saw the different variations of 'Uzumaki' in your story, i thought i might tell you how to spell it ^^ I am not being mean! I like your story so...UPDATE OR ILL ...I'll...Uh...Hide your TV remote! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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