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10/26/2012 c6 15YinYangProphecy
Catchy story, makes me wish that my ADHD didn't affect me while I'm reading.
7/22/2010 c19 Bebe
Great job! Keep going!
3/16/2010 c24 24superkandybratz
I personally love this story, but its a little bit wordy. I myself m nowhere near your level of vocabulary. I love how visual this story is. Update soon
7/1/2008 c16 4SerenitySoldier97
Amazing chapter!

I think the moments between SoraKairi and RoxasNamine were a bit overwhelming for me cuz I started hyperventilating XD
7/1/2008 c14 SerenitySoldier97
Awesome chapter. O_O\

I love it! (And the Roxine/Namixas moments! XD)
7/1/2008 c10 SerenitySoldier97
Long time, no review eh?


I am soo sorry!

I don't even think you remember me since you have a LOT of people reviewing this story...

But yeah. I love this story! It's just so awesome!
6/27/2008 c25 1Scorch406
Sorry for the late review. I can see how you're incorporating your ideas about the other trailer you showed me. Nice to se Nihlus is back. Not so nice to se he's a mindless apprentice to Xenahort. Let's hope Aqua can snap him out of it and Terra kicks Xenahorts butt. Keep up the good work and I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
6/19/2008 c25 3luvablenerd
OH! Xehanort's apprentice has a teddy bear! So cute! Nihlus should be nicer to him! (You should have Shadow's ghost...or his personality...or something of that sort do your next disclaimer!)

I have the comment thingy up while I'm reading again, so prepare for a long one...oh, and I have to ask you, one of my friends wants to read this, and Vodka, a Pyromaniac, and a Maid's Outfit, but she doesn't have access the internet right now. Is it ok with you if I print them out for her to read? Ok, now I'm going to read the chapter!

Lloyd, huh? That sucks...wow, I guess Lloyd has a teddy bear now...

Riku has a gun! It's not Way to Dawn, but I'm sure he'll have plenty of fun with it lol.

Yay! It's Tron!

I feel kind of bad for Caim...

Magic? Wait, I forgot. Does Lloyd know magic?

lol XA went through Larxene's room. It's a good thing she's dead, or else who knows what she would have done to him.

Oh, poor Ven! He's not meant to be emo! He can't pull it off like Riku and Roxas can!

...wow...that was one creepy joke Ven just made. lol I think the crack about this armor getting torn off in a teasing manner just ruined that whole scene for me, forever. Now I'm really scared of Xehanort.

HA! My little brain theory thing was right! I had thought that Nihlus and Lloyd probably learned how to fight from the same place...crap, this sucks! And, in other news, ...Nihlus has a teddy bear! (I'm a little hyper.)

And there's Terra's line from the trailer. Hm...Is Sulhin's name going to change now? Arret?

Wow. That was cool! Thank you for "partially resurecting" him! Hurry as fast as you can, ok? Bye!
6/19/2008 c25 16Mooncry
Holy sh**. Has Terra become the next Dark Champion?
6/18/2008 c1 1Mr. Bigtime
Incredible story. I love how it ties in to the trailer at the end of the last game. Everyone seems to have forgoten about that. Only one little thing. That was not the real Kingdom Hearts they blew up. That was just the world the Organization made, and named it after that. Good story, but with a plot hole.
5/29/2008 c10 14Talon83

I reveiwed, happy?

*Bursts out laughing*

And, the REAL review:

Awsome fic, keep writing! ^_^
5/27/2008 c3 7swiftwings13
Put spaces between each character's dialogue. Fanfiction squeezes everything together and makes it harder to read. That is if it isn't too much trouble.
5/27/2008 c1 3Demondog666
Nice! I love this story!
5/26/2008 c24 3luvablenerd
I say B, just because I want it to be true! (though I also thing that it could be Monica's Black, so I guess C is also an option, but I'd rather it be Nihlus)

Poor Shadow! Loses most of his mind and gets stuck with a nutcase like Xehanort!

lol, Whoever the apprentice is, I like him. He should give me some candy!

More cute Roxine and Riku/Monica moments! I wouldn't expect anything less of Riku than trying to rush in and fight!

Poor Ven! Now he thinks Sora had something to do with Axel's death! ...well, he kind of did, but not in the way Ven thinks he did.

And to make everything wonderfully worse, Sulhin is bothering Terra...at least the evil posessed suit of armor hasn't been a problem since Nihlus and Sulhin ripped the crystal heart out of it. (question: Did that solve the problem or was it just sort of a temporary fix? I was probably supposed to have figured it out a long time ago, but I feel like I missed it.)

Well, you'd better hurry up because, this is a climax, and we're all going crazy! (Just so you know, I am apropriatly worried right now. Nothing unusual about that ^^) Just hurry, okay? Bye!
5/25/2008 c24 29Immortal Fallen Angel
since i dont give a crap about Llyod either Nihlus or the new OC...but i need to sleep on that... and U WERE FREAKING SERIOUS ABOUT THE SMUCKING CANDY?

Sam: tho he is a nice guy once u get to know him...

Me: O.o ur insane!

Sam: i am u

Me: true! update soon!
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